Silverstone 2020

Silverstone 2020 1.1

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- Added : balloons, billboards, new textures around the track, ui files and more ...
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Latest updates

  1. Assetto Folder Fix

    Renamed "assetto corsa" to "assettocorsa". Thank you @krissboo

Latest reviews

Great job! The skin is fantastic, really good for WEC stuff etc. A must download.
just did a race on it with the RSS Formula 1 2019 hybrid. The track and skins are outstanding. Only issue I had was the 3rd DRS zone. With this car you cant take the slight right hander with the wing open. You fly off the track. I ended up deleting it and just going back to the 2 DRS zones. Some of the AI blew up their engines. lol.. never seen the AI do that b4.
Great track. Thank you!!!
Thanks a lot it is very nice, however with certain car like Kunos Ferrari F2004, SF15T or SF70H or Formula RSS 3 V6 2.0 the wheel Leds doesn't display well on certain portion of the GP Revised version, if i change for GP version which is the first of the 4 versions the problem disappear! If you could resolve this bug it would be very nice.
Fantastic work! After updating Silverstone with your great enhancements, I spent a minimum of 5 hours just on the National circuit! Thanks for the amazing update!
Much, much better than base version, amazing job!
Really adds to the atmosphere. Great work on these
Great work. The kerbs alone make it look much better, keep it up!
really good but DRS zone needs to be fixed in sector 1
absolutely great work! Thanks so much!
Great job! 5 Stars! :-)
looks great
Great job! Really enjoying the quality of your work.
Is there any chance to revise other tracks from WEC? (e.g., the Fuji Speedway 2017 into 2020)
Great Job. Thank You.
Gracias =)
Nice one Delta7fox. Enjoying your track updates when I get time to drive em.
Very nice. Thnx
There ya are Delta ;) Your track skins are the very best, thanks for your work.
their collaborations are very important for the community. thanks
Great addition to the game ! Thank you :)

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