Improved Lighting for PURE

Improved Lighting for PURE 12.33 Final

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Modification of standard Pure filters:
pure => ILP_Natural
pureCandy => ILP_Candy
pureLinear => ILP_linear
and one original filter - ILP_Base.

  • improved glare/bloom effects
  • optimal brightness at any time of the day and in any weather
  • added advanced settings for night lighting, glare/bloom effects to the Pure Config window
My CSP settings (SDR)
My CSP settings (HDR) - requires activating HDR in Windows
My Video settings

Install: drag and drop zip file onto Content Manager window, confirm install, choose one of the ILP filters in video settings

Uninstall: via the menu - content / mods







Latest updates

  1. final update for ILP_Base

    final update for ILP_Base
  2. some fixes for ILP_Base

    some fixes for ILP_Base
  3. added a new filter - ILP_Base

    as minimalist as possible, without excessive color grading and tone mapping. Looks good on both...

Latest reviews

I was looking for a neutral filter similar to what LMU is doing for a long time, finally found it !
The ILP_Linear is well balanced and the rendering at night is excellent too with tons of options to tweak it if neccesary.
Thank you !
Great for VR. The best I've tried
Amazing PP filters and CSP/video settings. It looks so real !
Thanks a lot for your work
ILP_editable looks surreal, like ridiculously realistic. Too bad it's fps heavy..
I tried many settings and filters for CSP/PURE. I play on OLED C1 with Yebis HDR mode in which it was always something wrong especially after recent updates.... On your settings with ILP Linear filter the game looks just perfect in all conditions. It beats what is in ACC And most new racing games.
As many PP Filters that are out there... I have seen alot... ILP Linear... Is STILL my Goto every time . Awesome work
Latest update looks fabulous now. Kudos!
OK, this one is my new favourite! It just "looks right" with no catches. Good job!
You started with 1.15 now we are at 10.3 Final... does this mean we are going to see 20.5 final sometime.. just wondering
Excellent Filter ! One of my top 3 for sure !
Simply the best Pure filter for everyday use. Tuned to perfection and beyond.
Really top notch. Kudos.
I had my 2-4 favorite filters so far and yours included. After pure 0.190 came out, something went wrong with them all.
This update nails it now. No.1
This version crashes most of the tracks I tried to run it on. Reverting back to the previous one (version 9) fixed that issue. When stable this is a beautiful filter.
Please make sure you have the latest version of Pure - 0.190.
I tested all my filters on dozens of tracks, each weather separately, and did not have a single crash.
I have been tying out many filters from RD, and this is the best for me thus far! Thank you so much!
Great filter. Thank you!
It's way too dark for VR.
Which one do you recommend for VR?
best ppf out there and ive tried most top ones. dude also listens to suggestions
After trying many filters, using Pure and VR, this was finally the one for me. Fantastic colours both during the day but more importantly, during the night or in heavy rain, which looked bad with many other filters. Really happy with this one, thanks.
great mod, great addition

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