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iRacing HUD [SimHub] 0.9

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This is an attempt to replicate some of iRacing HUD elements for use as a SimHub overlay. Mostly was made for the delta bar, other elements are still WIP.

[Delta Bar]
-Changes color based on rate of change
-Use the 'no races' version if you want it hidden during races
-3 pages so far - Lap Timings, Standings, Relative
-Click on the overlay to swap pages
-For standings, could only make it show the live delta, it doesn't update based on the start/finish line like in iRacing, will show best lap times during non race sessions
-Lap timing page will show next car ahead/behind during races
-In Relative page, red names are drivers ahead +1 lap, blue names are those behind +1 lap, names will fade to indicate driver is in pits

Still a WIP




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can you make this hud in ac app? I'm very want to use it in the ac app,thank you so much
I wish I could but I do not know how to make AC apps unfortunately. This way is the easiest method for me. Thank you!

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