Forza Motorsport (FM8) HUD [SimHub]

Forza Motorsport (FM8) HUD [SimHub] 1.2

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This is an attempt to replicate Forza Motorsport’s (FM8) UI for use as SimHub Overlays
Mainly made for AC, but can be easily adapted to other sims with some minor tweaks

-Dynamic tachometer + redlines
-Changing colors for certain tire compounds
-ERS & DRS support for compatible cars
-Tire temps and wear indicators, for temps, cold-optimal-hot==blue-white-orange
-Color of 2D car changes to red based on damage
-Color changing fuel bar - shows percentage of fuel remaining
-Complete 2 laps for fuel estimate to be accurate

-Current Lap / Best Time / Split Times / Qualify Position
-In races, will automatically switch and become the bigger leaderboard showing names, number of pitstops, will fade when in pits to not block menu
-The section dedicated to penalty times has been replaced to show the gap to the best lap time in the session
-Cut warning triangle will appear for 5 sec after a cut
-(Issue): Currently if you or someone else pits the counter will go up, and then if you restart the race the counter will stay the same, might be an AC issue, not entirely sure

-Current / Total Laps
-Session end timer when <60min
-Dynamic messages in line with the UI style
-Shows changes to TC/ABS/BB/Personal Bests/Tire Wear/Damage/Fuel Remaining/Yellow&Blue Flags/Leader is halfway&on final lap&finished

To Install:
-First you need SimHub
-Configure your game to run borderless/borderless windowed (it cannot be fullscreen)
-Then open each ".simhubdash" file to install
-Then in SimHub go to Dash Studio -> Overlays -> New Overlay Layout
-Add each overlay you want, resize as needed

-Big thanks to Forzurda for helping with some aspects
-Please let me know if anything is broken, Thank you

Latest updates

  1. Changes v1.2

    [Gears] -Fixed a rounding error for certain redlines [Laps/Messages] -Each message ‘grouping’...
  2. Changes v1.1

    Big thanks to Forzurda for helping with some aspects Changes: [Gears] -Added orange bar for when...

Latest reviews

Love this! I am however having an issue applying the lap counter and message board. I tried reinstalling but same issue.
Thank you! I have sent you a message.

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