JAPAN Southern Circuit 

JAPAN Southern Circuit  Ver 1.4

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Japan Miyagi of miniCircuit  southerncircuitMOD

There are two types of layouts in this MOD.
One is the standard that is used in the run meeting
One is the layout of DCTM2015 ( gymkhana )

enjoy : )

Screenshot_aoitori_choroqseries_13_southern-circuit_8-10-115-16-21-54.jpg Screenshot_honda_civic_vti_eg_southern-circuit_12-10-115-1-8-59.jpg

sazanreyout2015L.jpgDCTM2015 map

Latest updates

  1. Southern Circuit updata

    ・ Brightness readjustment ・ Some texture changes and additions ・ CSP compatible work ・ For CSP...
  2. JAPAN Southern Circuit

    Updata List ・Brightness adjustment (might still bright ? ・add WET Condition ( It is a low grip...
  3. JAPAN Southern Circuit

    ・Texture size Improvement  It consumed some texture large memory .  Improve it...

Latest reviews

This track is great thank you!
Awesome track, the attention to detail is fantastic. If you fix the brightness and it'll be as good as it can be
Great Track. out of curiosity i searched for it on google maps. was pretty hard to find but if you search : サザンサーキット it comes up.
Really nice! Gymkhana layout is really well made
Exceptional! The foliage and grass textures are top notch and the shaders are dialed in perfectly. Even with PP disabled this track still looks amazing! Well done !
Any news ??
This track is beautifully done. It looks good from far and close up. Thank you.
Review updated :
Thanks for the texture optimization, it's definitely way better now.
On the other hand, I notice that when using sunny weather, the track seems way too bright. (Rivijera has the same problem)
Kunos tracks look ok, so I know it's not a problem on my side.

Maybe you created this track before the graphics update (the sun settings in the weather files) and now it looks too bright and needs to be tweaked again?

I'm not into drifting at all but I use your track like a karting track and it's good. ha ha :)
(I do this with almost every drift track lol)
Awesome track!! Keep up the good work.
Thank you very much for your efforts, much appreciated! Great little track for lower horsepower cars.
Great track, has a nice tight section with a couple of short straights. love all the textures and little details from old exhausts, front bumpers on rusty shelves in the pits. love it https://youtu.be/q5bmf1KqCEk
Please optimize it, it requires too much cpu and ram on my side.
I get lots of freezes I don't get on other tracks.
sorry.... Perhaps texture of enormous size of the resolution I think the main cause. Also I think trying to provide low quality version (several sheets to 4096x4096).
there is too much grip , the track is nicely done but the grip is not good
We made sure the ini file . Certainly it seems too there is a grip . to correct.
5 stars for this excellent track!
Gorgeous track! Lots of work put into the little details which is refreshing. Unfortunately, it's not my type of type of track. Still, it's worth 5 stars because of the quality. Keep working on this track. You've got so much potential here for people who like Gymkhana. With DCTM version, you must drive around the back of the buildings to get back to the starting line. You should put arrow signs pointing the way, for people who want to continue lapping.
i didnt realize it was the circuit from dctm, im so happy this exists.
This is the course which can be enjoyed. But, there is still improvement points.

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