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Deep Forest Raceway Ver 1.1

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scratch track mod DeepForest Raceway

Made by myself
・3DCG SCRATCH (It is a scratch model and has not been converted.)
・Partial assetto Corsa standard resource use
・I use some CSP FX


Prohibition of diversion without permission, I would be glad if you say one word

Latest updates

  1. Deep Forest Raceway add layout

    fix ・Minor correction add ・reverse layout and camera
  2. Deep Forest Raceway graphic fix

    fix ・track map ・extension [LIGHT_...]CONDITION parameter

Latest reviews

Awesome! Thanks for your work!
Very good track, thank you for your work!
Oh wow this one is MAD fun. I love the tunnels, the elevation changes...the bumps... And the overall aesthetics of it.

five stars.
The track works fine, same for the AI, but for some reason the textures are very washed out and barely have any colour, my grass is almost gray and idk why
this is better than what GT7 ended up doing with Deep Forest. The elevation changes might even be higher that the OG but I think its better.
thank you.
nice job ! thx for sharing
Without a doubt one of my favorite mods. Full stop. I LOVED this track in GT5. It's epic playing it in AC. Beautifully designed, huge attention to detail. Thank you!
Super circuit pour un max de plaisir au pilotage
fabuleux avec une f1 des années 70 (Bazza f1 75)
ce tracé est aussi génial avec des voitures plus lentes! Bravo!!!
I'm just astonished that this small of a track can have such an awesome driving experience. I love the small tunnel, curvy, yet fast flowing turns. The details is nice, can't such much more than this track is great!
Absolutely brilliant in VR! Brilliant work thank you!
Take me back to the good old days.
Great work on this great Gran Turismo track.
What you did is magnificent.
BIG thank you ;)
Supere awesome track! GT vibes!
Such a pleasure to race on this brilliant track. It's beautifully made in every way, thanks a lot !
GREAT track! Thank You Very Much!
I know what i will be doing during the weekend <3
Thank you!
tested with a controller looks nice.

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