Jeff Burton #99 - EXIDE Batteries Roush Racing | Ford Mondeo Supertouring/VRC Fortix Mando

Jeff Burton #99 - EXIDE Batteries Roush Racing | Ford Mondeo Supertouring/VRC Fortix Mando 1.1.1

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What if NASCAR was a touring car series...?
That's the question that kept me awake at night.

So here it is, a skin for the National Association Touring Car Auto Racing or NATCAR in the alternate timeline.

First up is this #99 EXIDE Batteries Roush Racing paint scheme from 1999 NASCAR season for the Ford Mondeo Supertouring a.k.a. VRC Fortix Mando, driven by Jeff Burton.

I took some liberties when creating this "throwback" paint scheme.
Considering I want it to not look out of place when being placed against actual Supertouring liveries of the era, I decide not to use the NASCAR driver side numbers and instead chose to use numberplates, which in turn made the livery sort of mimicking the style of current Gen7 paint scheme standard styling.
It's also another reason for me to avoid using contingency decals cuz I cba to recreate them all. :p

Driver suit and gloves are included, no helmets though.
Extract the ZIP file into assettocorsa/content/cars/vrc_erc_1999_fortix/skins or vrc_erc_1999_fortix_csp/skins
Enjoy! :thumbsup:

Credits :
Virtual Racing Cars (car & livery template)
Michael Doherty (suit template)
Stephen Bailey (1999 BTCC numberplate)

Latest updates

  1. Black roll cage/interior

    Woops, forgot about this one. Ignore the black fire extinguisher right there, I won't work on...
  2. Fix on window driver name

    - Fixed the driver name on the right side window corresponding to the update of the car

Latest reviews

My father worked for Exide batteries back in the 90s and got to meet Jeff Burton through the company since he was a big fan. We've been running the Ford Mondeo lately and it feels as this paint scheme was almost made for him specifically to use. Thank you very much for this!
Cool story, your dad must be happy meeting ol' Jeff in person
Love it when people adapt liveries from one series to a car from another!
Not very immersive for the car, bu hella nice livery nonetheless, thanks for sharing :)

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