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JMW 'Melting Road' LeMans 2012 2015-04-21

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JMW Motorsports Ferrari 458 GT2 as raced at LeMans in 2012 and driven by Jonny Cocker, James Walker and Roger Wills

acShowroom 2015-04-21 15-32-02-16.jpg
acs 2015-04-21 16-28-07-02.jpg
acs 2015-04-21 16-28-54-03.jpg
acs 2015-04-21 16-29-37-58.jpg

Due to Kunos not using the 2014/15 body with bonnet/hood louves I have used a bit of 'artistic license' with the front end art, purists please forgive me ;)

In the main folder are three seperate folders with three size skins for different powered systems,

2048x2048 for low end, 4096x4096 for mid and an HD 8192x8192 for high end.

Simple open the required size and copy/paste the folder in it into your

"X:\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\ferrari_458_gt2" folder.

Many thx to ML2166 for some bits and Assetto Corsa for an awesome platform.

Latest reviews

Top job as usual chris thanks.
No doubt 5 Stars Chris excellent job on this difficult design!!! congratulations and thank you very much
Cool and quality skin.....cheers mate ! :)
Love this skin. Adds some nice striking color to the field! Thank you :)
Excellent skin ! But please mark it "skin" not "car" categorie
Chris 576
Chris 576
Cheers mate, have contacted admins to move

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