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Johnnie Walker Chevvy C7R 1.1

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Johnnie Walker Corvette.
done in 3 sizes as clearly marked within the zipped file as usual.
new rims.
new details. (exterior logos and badge)
new tyres (by ML2166)
new skin maps.

credit to ML2166 for his tyres, and also Kunos and URD for the original files.
just copy to Chevrolet Corvette C7R skins folder.
enjoy :)


Latest updates

  1. a few minor tweaks and added missing files

    to err is a human :rolleyes: :p - noticed that there's a warped logos on the bottom right of the...

Latest reviews

You sure are obsessed with Johnnie Walker cars! Or not.
Awsome work aggain, Henky.
very nice
Stunning skin, thanks mate
Fantastic skin. Just one comment, the skin will look much better if you put the number box on the side of the car.
Another beautiful skin Henky! In fact, the only C7 skin mod I like so far :) Thanks!
Excellent,as always,Thanks.
merci pour le skins
Nice, Ill run it till I get the template to make my own.
thanks! i have my own template of this car which i've created a week ago. send me a PM if you want.
Mean! Thank you
Simply gorgeous!!!
top , thank's .
another great skin from you!
Beautiful one. Thanks.

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