Königslutter: Olympia Rally 1972 WP02

Königslutter: Olympia Rally 1972 WP02 1.1

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Have fun with this historic Rally Stage located in Germany!
Here's some quick footage:
Disclaimer: This track is my first one released to the public, so it may not compete with the top modders out there. It serves as a rough representation of what the Rally Stage might have looked like :)

Rally Olympia was an one off rally event held in Germany in 1972, the year of the Kiel-Munich Olympic Games.
Competitors travelled from Kiel to Munich and drove special stages/Wertungsprüfungen (WP) during this trip.
The event celebrates its 50th anniversary this year with a revival rally.

WP02: Königslutter, WP03: Teufelsküche and WP04: Elm were all based in my local forest, the Elm.
On the 14th August 1972, from 17:30 onwards, more than 300 cars attempted these stages. Walter Röhrl, Rauno Aaltonen, Dieter Glemser, Bernard Darniche and Jean Todt as a Co Driver took part in this event from the north to the south end of (West) Germany.
There never was a rally like this ever again in Germany and no Rally cars were seen in the Elm again.
No pictures or videos are publically available of these stages, so I tried to recreate what the stages were like back in the days.

This is the first of three stages to be published over the course of this year.
WP02 was won by Hannu Mikkola in his Ford Escort in 6 minutes and 8 seconds.
About 10 km gravel and tarmac, very speedy parts mixed with hairpins and sweeping corners.
You start near the village of Bornum. The first hairpin is located just outside the town of Königslutter am Elm.
On your further run, you also pass the rest stop Honigkuchengrund and the highest point of the forest, the Drachenberg and its antenna station.

  • All sponsors and marking boards are highly accurate.
  • Terrain source is Google and my own hiking trip on the roads of the stage.
  • Trees vary in height, density and type according to the forest parcels (the forest and its wood is used commercially).
  • Bumps, ditches and prominent points rely on the original pacenotes by Alfred Gorny (you can try to attempt this stage using the original pacenotes if you like. Take in mind that he drove a car with only 45 hp :D )
Includes a Map, AI line, cameras and GrassFX.

Recommended vehicles: Touring and Rally cars of the late 60s and early 70s, for example the TC Legends by Bazza
Official website of the revival rally
Alfred Gorny's wonderful website all about the Olympia Rally of 1972 with Maps, Pacenotes, Programme and so much more
Facebook Group with a lot of helpful pictures

Made with RTB, which is the limiting factor alongside my little knowledge on track building.
XPacks used:
Isi Stuff
Summer Trees and LoRes Cars by Nobby76
Revolt Pack 1 and 2 by Pelukas
Track Bridge and Walls, Ty's Super Signs by Tyrone
Storage Shed by Angus94

-Tell me your thoughts on this project!-

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Latest updates

  1. UPDATED to Version 1.1

    Fixes: Visual Improvements especially at the start line. Cameras work flawless now. Trees...

Latest reviews

Olaf Hülse
Thank you :) I'm working on Stage 3 (Second Stage I'm building) atm, which should be ready to release in June.
Awesome stuff Olaf. I had a lot of fun throwing the Ford around this track. Its fun to take on a rally stage in AC from time to time.

Link to a video of me taking on the track: https://youtu.be/4JprINi86SU
Olaf Hülse
Glad that you enjoy this small creation! Before the next stage, there's going to be a small update on this track with some trackside objects and camera fixes :) probably during this week
this is the stuff i love AC for thanks!!
iam living like 10 km from Königslutter so you can imagine what this does to me :)
Olaf Hülse
You're welcome! Cool to see some more enthusiasts 'next door' :)

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