Kamui Kobayashi #67 - TGR North America 23XI Racing | Toyota Camry TRD NASCAR Cup Series (Next Gen)

Kamui Kobayashi #67 - TGR North America 23XI Racing | Toyota Camry TRD NASCAR Cup Series (Next Gen) 1.0

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I guess turd can be polished after all. Good work.
This one is much better than those who originally made them. Shame it took someone else to polish it for them though.
Then again, I'm not trying to deny that at the end of the day, it's still a turd made by turds.:roflmao:

(To you who originally made these non-polished version of these cars, you know what I meant and I won't be surprised if you refuse to accept criticism, it's in the blood after all. Keep the hustle, turdheads.) :roflmao:

Well anyways rant aside, here's the Toyota Gazoo Racing North America #67 23XI Racing paint scheme from the 2023 Verizon 200 at the Brickyard race for the Toyota Camry TRD NASCAR Cup Series Next Gen car, driven by TGR bossman himself on his NASCAR debut, Kamui Kobayashi.

Driver suits and gloves are included, no helmets though.
Drop the content inside the ZIP file into the skins folder of the car.
If it doesn't fit and/or the colors are very washed, that means you got the wrong car mod. I won't namedrop the mod, use Google instead for this one.

Enjoy! :thumbsup:

Credits :
robertkubicafan2 (inspiration)
AN (polished car with fixes & template)
Hoksu (Alpinestars Tech1 ZX V3 gloves)
Michael Doherty (Alpinestars suit template)

Latest reviews

Love it!
Cheers, good job on making the cars less crappy than what it used to be. :)
Excellent work as ever Danny!
Thanks for the inspiration mate :)

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