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Knockhill Racing Circuit 0.8

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No cameras and ai

Knockhill Racing Circuit is a motor racing circuit in Fife, Scotland, opened in September 1974.[1] It is Scotland's national motorsport centre. The circuit is located in the Fife countryside about 6 miles (10 km) north of Dunfermline and was created by joining service roads to a nearby disused mineral railway, closed in 1951, which served Lethans Colliery.

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Pretty meh tbh. Textures are very low res, some of the dimensions arent really that accurate as someone else mentioned. It's ok-ish. but there is a good deal to improve imho.
Doesn't seem totally realistic in terms of dimensions. turn 1 is much less narrow at least it seems as such from videos I have watched and there are a few other turns that aren't quite right. That being said its still a fun track to play.
Crashed when I attempted to do an AI race also. A shame really. Hopefully it can be updated/fixed.
Attempting an AI race - Crashes with error about a missing spline.
Nicely made track and fun to hotlap though, which works fine.
great track
This is one of the best little race tracks available on AC, I only hope the author keeps it current. Beautiful!
great track!
Thanks Tiago, glad to be able to ride this track again (since my TOCA days).
Sadly we can't have rain, since that mostly happens there if I am well informed ;-)
AI is pretty good too, I'm happy with this !
Great work love uk touring tracks !!Here is ai for it hope no one minds if i had fbx file could fix cams and maybe more pits 12 nit enough !, tried with gt3 at 95% ran good imo
Second review with more understanding now.

I see there is not going to be any editing done to this track so I guess it will just stay almost great. Knockhill deserves more than almost great though, it deserves brilliant.
I have been asking and waiting for this track for a long time and appreciate it finally being converted. I am not skilled in track creation but if I could assist in bringing it up to date and improving on the models etc then I'd love to try. I hope, with this being a beta, that it grows in time and becomes a top track. Thank you for the progress and drop me a line if I can help.
Good so far. Knockhill is a tremendous circuit. This captures that, but nothing more. Quality track nonetheless.
My local track too, absolutely love it, been waiting years on this, and to finally drive it in AC is amazing. Thank you very much. Please Mr. Oculus, bring my consumer rift quickly, I need to drive this in VR.

Also, I've not been up to Knockhill in a while, but is the grass really growing through the kerbs and onto the track edges? Or is that just needing polished from the beta version? Either way, well done Tiago!
My local track too. Thank you so much. Multiplayer server now live - search "Scottish Track Day". Only the Caterham in practice right now but open to any suggestions for other cars :)
Excellent! Thank you, been hoping for a Knockhill on Assetto since forever! :)
Great track, fun to drive and my local track too!
I've hated so much this track once i race on it in Toca 2 back in the late 90's. Can't wait for driving it on AC! 5 stars, hope you can add soon at least the tv cam :)
Thank you so much Tiago! I'm happy to see you back on AC :)
Wonderful start to a track I was completely unfamiliar with! I've only driven my Gallardo for 20 laps so far, but I really like the layout. At first, I thought it was a little too narrow, but as I learned the track better it didn't feel quite as narrow any longer. This will be a really fun track once it's complete. Another great job. Well done!
Really good job. Nice to see one of my favourite tracks in BTCC. Can we expect AI anytime soon?
Awesome, thank you for this new addition!

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