Kotor-Trojica 0.80

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Kotor-Trojica hill climb by lemax

  • version: 0.80
  • location: Kotor, Montenegro
  • type: Hill climb
  • length: 4.35km
  • and Custom Shaders Patch
This track is still under construction, if you find any bugs, please report it ;)



Latest reviews

Great track, just one problem i have is a big hole in the 1st tight right hand hairpin where any low car falls though the track. Still worth 5 stars and look forward to any updates
Amazing quality! This is "must have" to all fans of AC

I record short promo wideo & gameplay of KOTOR TROJICA
Lemax releasing a FREE MOD after god knows how many years?
Am I dreaming??

OK sorry, I'm actually being sarcastic here. lol
Excellent job! This road looks very detailed and it shows a lot of work has been put into it. The layout is lovely as well. I only wish it was a tad longer...! :P

Thank you Lemax for your work
Amazing with old f1 cars!
I've found this old Kotor-Trojica onboard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ladnDgrDwLs
Great track, you've done an incredible job with the texturework - especially on the foliage
Great, as always!
Muy buen trabajo.
Amazing job
So many nice details... i remember crashing in a tight turn and going downhill into a neighborhood with its own street. Thank you lemax for another wonderful track
trabajo impecable!
Is that 0.80 version? My god, that's an amazing work, certains maps are 5.0 and don't have this level of details!! This is very important for me as I'm a VR driver :) Thank's a lot for all! ( For the moment, only one bug appears: the sun crosses the mountains like a glass so you have to put the good hours before this little correction=)
it's so pretty
Amazing road! Thanks for sharing it. Superb quality ;)
Lovely track as always from Lemax!!!
So nice to see you back!
fast sections, and technical sections, very good sensations
The road itself and the scenery are just absolutely outstanding quality.

There's one extremely minor issue I noticed, after the first hairpin the track map shows a kink in the road that is actually just a parking space while the road is completely straight.

I also think this track would benefit from some kind of physical markes where the start and finish lines are exactly, even just simple signs would be sufficent
stunning! as always!!!!!!!!
Thank you
one of the most realistic hillclimb in AC !

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