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Kunos Driver Viewer 2016 with CM 1.1

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"Driver Viewer"
works only with content manager , install as a car only ,
was requested on RD​


To use , place any kunos "suits/gloves/helmets"
inside the "default" skins folder
have fun ,
sorry hes not standing its how he was animated , its a default position.

Latest updates

  1. updated to work with content manager .

    updated read the OP

Latest reviews

This is great, only problem is that the visor in the center flips and dupes the other side so its a slight problem but still great !
Thanks for this. There is no Max file for this driver.

There is a standing version of this model \steamappsassettocorsa\content\driver\new_driver. I tried it in this setup but I guess the kn5 file needs to be edited. Be nice to have it as well.


Appears I'm wrong. I read your reply to MD and followed that. The driver I suggested has a different suit.
Excellent idea, very useful for viewing while skinning as viewing in car is a bit restricted. The helmet_glass (Visor) works also but I noticed it mirrors the left hand side???? Is this fixable or just a game restriction? Thanks anyway, really useful.
Hi ,
Some I have seen are not mirrored , I will look into it ,
if you want a different driver ,
take any driver from the kunos /drivers folders and simply switch the names over from my kn5 , will load that driver also :)
Fantastic, will make painting suits a lot easier, much appreciated. :)
i hope there's a preview all helmet for CM, we can preview all driver skin in one click, since too many helmet pack,lol...
Very Useful, thanks!

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