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Lewis Hamilton's 2014 Steering Wheel V2 2.0

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This is Lewis' 2014 Steering Wheel V2.It's for both cars, because the game uses one skin for 2 models. Of course it's not the correct model I've just made real button, switch colours and real leds (4 green, 5 red, 5 blue)
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Latest updates

  1. Reworked all the switches and some of buttons

    I reworked all the switches and buttons, I think it's much better and more close to real life...

Latest reviews

It's good! But it replaces Rosbergs with this wheel also. Is it possible to replace only hamiltons and not Rosbergs wheel? Thanks :)
Robert Kezer
Robert Kezer
It's for both cars, because the game uses one skin for 2 models.
nice thanks
all things considered. excellent. thanks for sharing.
great work!
Robert Kezer
Robert Kezer
perfect! you have the FIA logo too,superb!
Robert Kezer
Robert Kezer
Thank you! :)
FANTASTICO. Muchas gracias por tu trabajo y espero que tambien hagas el de Ferrari.
Robert Kezer
Robert Kezer
I can't really understand you, but you might said I should do the Ferrari steering wheel.
Robert Kezer
Robert Kezer
Thank you!

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Robert Kezer
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