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Lippo Village Street Circuit, Indonesia 1.1

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Change log:

-refined track texture
-refined 3D grass

Hi again guys... this is my second AC's track project after Sentul International Circuit... built from scratch

The Lippo Village Street Circuit (Lippo Village International Formula Circuit) is a temporary street circuit in Lippo Village, Tangerang, Indonesia. The track was confirmed to host a round of the 2008-09 A1 Grand Prix season, set for the weekend of February 8, 2009.

On August 29, 2008, further details regarding the track were announced. Designed by Hermann Tilke, the track would be made by modifying parts of the village near the Pelita Harapan University and includes the Supermal. It is located at the centre of Lippo Village's hub. Tilke attempted to keep disruption minimal to the village during the races with ensuring that track's maximum speed to be more than 308 km/h with the average speed of 176 km/h. Part of the Pelita Harapan University’s planned extensions would be utilized to double the pit lane capacity during the A1GP races. The track would be showcasing Lippo Village and the surrounding businesses.

However, the event removed from the 2008-09 A1 Grand Prix season's calendar because the local promoter and organisers, who are responsible to the project of track construction, have failed to meet the requisite completion deadlines and the track is not yet able to homologate by FIA before 6–8 February 2009. The track was used for some local racing events, but has since fell out of use. The pits and the track sign remained to this day.

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Latest updates

  1. Lippo Village Street Circuit, Indonesia v1.1

    Change log: -refined track texture -refined 3D grass -etc.
  2. [Final Version] Lippo Village Street Circuit, Indonesia - Scratch

    Hi all... sorry i have to make this project finalized :) no perfect, but its okay for me :) ...

Latest reviews

Even though I run CSP and this track is way old I enjoyed the track. It was actually like going back and seeing what graphics were like then and how far modders have advanced to the effects of CSP today. I started in AC way after this was originally released and only run CSP. How I came across it is from Esotics Ai mod for it. Harruman is a true pioneer. This track has a nice flow and if it was or could be updated to todays standards it would be a real treat for the community. I ran the updated 125 kart and skins! Grid 32 ran fine as long as I let the Ai get going from the start. Once they got going though as with most human races turn one it was a great challenge! Ai strength was set to 85+-10% and aggression was at 20. Placed 18th without practicing and all but a few Ai finished. Just to see I pushed one of the Ai back on to the track and it took off again. LOL I ran 3 14 lap races and I bet I could do double that and the Ai would pit accordingly? Maybe I'll try that and report back.
I don't know what took me so long to try this track but it's so much fun to drive. I also like the really impressive buildings. I always play in VR and the sense of scale with those buildings is really well done. Great job on this track!
It's a joy to race this track AND it has simply the best camera sets ever. You rock! Thanks!
Quality Track! GREAT! watch yourself:
Such a fun track. Our league loves your work. Sentul and this track are both on our race calendar. This track though takes the cake for me.
Thanks mate... what is your league?
Terrific fun
thanks Norbs :)
Excellent work!
Thanks mate...
Perfect work, strong candidate to official track. Neved been fun of closed city tracks, but this once has it all! Thanks, now im going to send u a beer by button ;)
Thanks Rauf00...your appreciation make me stronger in the middle of the night :)
top top top !
thanks man !
Awesome updates Harris, thanks mate.
Thanks Jamie...
never seen a race in Lippo Village. shame the track is and was abandoned. thanks for sharing and bring the tracks to AC, now i have a chance for see and feel the track =)
you're welcome mate... thanks... have fun
as Always very good ,,pssst " even same quality or better as KUNOs tracks "
Thanks again Roberts :)... it is 'lil bit too much for me :)
Even better!! eh they don`t have 6 stars - sorry!:)
thanks mate !... 7 stars for you :D
Nice track. Thank you.
thanks mate
Very well done. Everything works and Tv Cameras are great. Thanx.
thanks man..
perfect and fun
thank mate... wait the next update :)
This track is a blast ... and perfectly built !
With Sentul, 2 of my favourites ones.

What will be the next one ? ;)... joke but I'll regularly follow your creations .
Thx mate, I have a plan to refine or remake those two tracks...:)
95% cpu usage, ahah silly little i3, anyways great track, everything seems to be in place.
sorry for the problem mate... did u use many AI's? i dont see any problems with my i7... thanks mate
Great track
hi Jamie, thanks :)
We need more Street tracks like this !
i have a plan to make one more :) thx

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