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Sentul International Circuit Final Version 1.4

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The Newest Update Version 1.2

Change log:

-refined track texture
-refined 3D grass
-change hotlap start point

Final Version Change log:

- Grooves added (not pretty but useful)
- blinking trees fixed
- enhanced material mapping
- refine track friction

that's it... i will take holiday...have fun guys
thanks for your supports and critics

i dont know if i will refine this track or make another new one :)


Harris Muhammad

Donation for a cup of coffe guys... thanks Muhammad Studio Donation&currency_code=USD&bn=PP-DonationsBF:btn_donateCC_LG.gif:NonHosted


Hello guys... this is my first track for assetto corsa... Pre-Final Version is released

Built from scratch.. have fun :)

Sentul International Circuit is a permanent motor racing circuit located in Babakan Madang, Bogor, Indonesia. Away from the Toll Gate of Jakarta towards Bogor, Indonesia. Its pit facilities got easy access from the Jagorawi Toll Road. The course (run clockwise) is actually a truncated version of the original design. The current circuit, shortened by 40 percent compared to the original design, is predominantly used for motorcycle racing and the Asian F3 series. Sentul is a relatively simple, smooth, broad track with large runoff areas, enabling non-bumpy and smooth driving at racing speeds. Sentul has a 900-metre (3,000 ft) main straight that allows speeds of up to 300 kilometres per hour (190 mph) before slowing for the right-hand Turn 1. The only truly high-speed corner at Sentul is Turn 2. The fastest driver on four-wheel machine can do 220 kilometres per hour (140 mph), and the fastest rider can do 190 kilometres per hour (120 mph) on two-wheel machines. They can take Turn 2 as a complex "S" bend when they get out from the tighter Turn 1 at around 140 kilometres per hour (87 mph). The wide corners allow good passing with various racing lines.






Change log:

- Refined track's Surface
- Refined kerbs
- Refined the looks
- Runoff added
- Refined Material mapping
- New AI File
- Openwheel race ready
- Updated Track Map and Preview Image
- Updated Track Description

Track builder: Harris Muhammad

Latest updates

  1. Minor change, visual and surface tweak

    Minor change, visual and surface tweak. Have fun!
  2. Sentul International Circuit - Indonesia v1.2

    Change log: -refined track texture -refined 3D grass -change hotlap start position -etc.
  3. Final Version

    v1.2 Update Change log: -refined track texture -refined 3D grass -change hotlap start...

Latest reviews

Good track. Always liked it.
Just need to sort out the glow in the dark grass.
there is a crackling sound everytime i went to the curbs, i tried the same thing on other circuits, it only happens on this circuit
Really nice track with an interesting layout.
Thanks for your efforts on this track there is a great sense of speed here and the track flows well, it is up there with some of the better ones.
Cheers Harruman
Excellent, it only needs grass fx, thanks for sharing
good job
Wide track with long straight. Really enjoy racing on this fun track. Honestly, your works deserved 5 stars.
Keep up the good work, hope more track from you.

Salam kenal dari Bogor mas.
Salam kenal juga, jangan lupa mampir ke yaaa... Thank you! have fun!
excellent, thanks!
nice track
Very nice track. Thanks!
You're welcome, have fun!
Thanks, have fun!
Finally for AC! THX a lot!
You're welcome, have fun!
You're welcome, have fun!
Already have this mod for a year and still loving it. Now you bring other updates great thing. One thing, Really wish you can implement Light shader on your map. They have held Night race there once or twice maybe?
This is a really nice-looking track. Well done! Nice layout too. I am, however, having lots of AI crashes. Hope that gets a fix.
A very good track for TCR races :)
Feels like Macau or Pau but with more safe zones :)
Worth it.
I do like the layout of this track but it's a shame you ignored previous comments about the constant FFB vibration. Setting vibration gain/length on the track asphalt to 0.05 leaves some feeling, zero as previously recommended is like glass.
The billboards are stretched/squashed and misplaced, which is a shame but is an easy fix.
If you remove the balloon models from the track kn5 then better quality ones can easily be added with motion and randomised positioning.
Please continue with improvements - this track is worth it.
Very nicely done. Thank you for sharing.

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