Losail WEC Skin 2023-2024

Losail WEC Skin 2023-2024 1.2

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The WEC has signed a six-year contract with the Losail International Circuit to host a round of the championship, guaranteeing its place on the schedule until 2029 at least.

Losail will also be the venue for the official pre-season Prologue test ahead of the race.

Here is what Losail would look like in 2024

Have Fun !
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Latest reviews

I really liked the skin, but there are just a few little details I found that imo could be improved/changed but that's just me:
- the Toyota GaZoo Racing logos on the walls at the T1 runoff have a white space with nothing on the right of the logo wich just looks a bit weird, maybe putting the logo 2 times on the "visit qatar.dds" image or just putting the logo on the middle of the image could improve it a bit but tbh with you idk how they do it IRL
- on the round pirelli brake meter signs you replaced the 50, 100 and 150 texts with the WEC logo as well instead of just changing the sponsor on the back, imo you could have just changed a bit the design on the side with the numbers to not have the pirelli tires around it and only changed the back with the sponsor but that's up to you
- the transparency of the TotalEnergies logos on the outside of the last corner are a bit low quality, while driving you can't really notice it but if you stop and take a look it just seems kinda pixelated idk

Apart from that it is a really good skin and I appreciate your effort, thanks.
Thanks for this
About the white space on T1, if I put a logo on this it will appear under the Motul bridge on the main straight. And it’s quite strange to see a logo cut by a building

I made a logo WEC instead of pirelli breaking zones because those tyres don’t appear in WEC and I don’t want to touch the Kn5 file

And it’s the same for the TE logo in the last corner. The dds is a 4K file, but the Original logo is not … I was thinking about leaving the space

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