Macau Grand Prix Complete Texture Update

Macau Grand Prix Complete Texture Update v1.32

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Hi Guys

Here's my texture update for Macau.

Although this is mainly a texture update, I've included the track with my update as I'm not entirely sure if my updates will work with other versions. This is the best one to my knowledge so hopefully you guys will enjoy my update.

If there's any problems, please let me know in the support/discussion section on top, thank you!

Update details v1.32:

- New track side safety crane
- Upscaled and repaired concrete building and window textures going up the San Francisco Hill (right hand side of track)
- Reworked industrial smoke tower

***N.B. Content Manager, Shader Patch and Sol required***

With out Shader Patch and Sol download v1.0 here:

Update details v1.3:

- New Fire truck texture
- New Macau Ambulance texture
- New Red Cross Mini Van texture
- Blue and yellow track side crane added
- Repaired bridge textures (just after BMW Macau)
- Added more Casino chips and larger dice to Paradise Kem Pek Casino
- Added Rose bushes to Paradise Kem Pek Casino Square

***N.B. Content Manager, Shader Patch and Sol required***

With out Shader Patch and Sol download v1.0 here:

Update details v1.2:

- New textures for Paradise Kem Pek Casino
- New neon signs for Casino Lisboa
- New red and gold detail roof edging (Paradise Kem Pek Casino)
- Taller bushes and small trees (Paradise Kem Pek Casinoshops court yard)
- Upscaled two building textures going up the San Francisco Hill
- Asian track side Marshals added
- macau.vao-patch ambient patch added

***N.B. Content Manager, Shader Patch and Sol required***

With out Shader Patch and Sol download v1.0 here:

Update details v1.1:

- Red tarmac fix added (found on Reddit) thanks to @gergerger for the tip
- Added CM Macau file settings
- Lighter asphalt_main_mask texture, natural tarmac color and brightness
- Increased or decreased night building light ambiance settings (balanced lighting)
- Water fix (natural colors)

***N.B. Content Manager, Shader Patch and Sol required***

With out Shader Patch and Sol download v1.0 here:

Update details v1.0:

- Reworked every single building texture (better colors and texture)
- Reworked every building window texture's (better colors and texture)
- Reworked all roof textures
- New Dealership signs (Peugeot, KIA, BMW Macau, Nissan and Honda)
- New shop sides and and neon lights (next to Kam Pek Paradise Casino)
- Reworked all Casino banners and signs
- Added red and gold trim detail to Kam Pek Paradise Casino
- New Gold detail and windows for Casino Lisboa
- New track side banners
- New banners (bridges)
- New yellow main safety wall
- Reworked all wall and rock textures
- Reworked all safety walls and amco rails
- Reworked all ground and surface textures
- New pit garage doors
- New start finish straight main wall (purple SunCity Group)
- Better crowds
- Reworked all trees (natural colors and more lush)
- Added new main feature tree around the track
- New small palm feature leaf (tree)
- Reworked all bushes, tree walls and flowers
- New water and water bump texture
- Repaired several building and building sign textures
- Reworked grandstand yellow tents

That's all that I can think of now, I can only remember that it was a massive job :)

Have fun and enjoy!







Things to know:

- Have tested the track mostly with hot lapping, the few short races I tried AI seems to behave ok and has no problems with the corners. Any improvements are always welcome.

- As I only know how to do textures or skins, the track texture updates are all in the track skins folder (macau\skins\default)

- Obviously if anyone knows how to repack back into a kn5 file, I would very much appreciate the help

- The track is as I downloaded it, with only the changes made as mentioned above

- If anyone wants to help improve the track I'm sure that we would all appreciate the help
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Latest reviews

Amazing work, and an absolute blast to ride with slippery vintage cars.

The night lighting is a lot of fun!

Keep updating dude, it became one of my favourite tracks immediatly
Much appreciated thank you!
At the end I found this masterpiece, this plus RSS F2 V6 2020 is pure joy. Thanks you.
If you look hard enough you will always find something special :)
merci beaucoup pour les heures de travails abattu
C'était un travail énorme et cela en valait la peine.

Merci pour la critique !
Great job! One of my fav tracks from race 07.
5/5 stars. However, the only thing I am not sure about is the road markings. I believe Macau drives on the left side of the road but the road markings on this track, the arrows are on the right side like it is in Europe, not Macau.
Excellent work, very good looking, had a previous version of this track that was unplayable due to an invisible wall in the middle of a corner.
Only gripe i have with this track is the "stickyness" of the steel barriers.
Remember that this is only a texture and lighting update, the track is as is.
Thanks for the review!
Outstanding this track & Monaco track. 6 Stars. If you are rich as user, give him 5k on behalf of the community. I can't.
Much appreciated, could do with 5k :)
Thanks for the review!
It's simple STUNNING, he deserve a donation guys, it's amazing realization. Thanks to have done that masterpiece. Cristian
Very much appreciated and thanks for the review!
thank you very much.
Always a pleasure and thanks for the review!
Need 6 stars to rate your work, incredible texture overhaul, AAA work, a must have! Thanks a lot, now I have fun for the first time with this track, thx :)
Was a lot of work and I'm glad you appreciate all the effort, thanks for the review!
Thank you for keep updating this amazing track!!!
Always a pleasure and thanks for the review!
Really, really well done, couldn_t be happier, thanks a lot!
Glad you like and thanks for the review!
I get multiple trackside items in the middle of the track e.g. trackside metal stairs up to flag marshal position, and other stuff like railings and signage boards also on the middle of the track, you can drive through them without collision detection
Please use support or the discussion area for problems.

This is only a texture update and your problem is caused by CSP and not my update.

There is a mention of this problem with a fix in the discussion area.

Next time review my work only and not a fault caused by something else, thank you!
Bye red floor... Thanks!
wow!!! excelent track, nice update, thanks my friend.-
Thank you for keeping this track alive.
Perfect as always, love this track. Thank you for all your hard work.
Always a pleasure and thanks for the review!
How to delete the spectators crowd?
There's a kn5 crowds model file in the track folder, try deleting it and see if that works.

Thanks for the review!
Thank you very much, solid work.
Much appreciated, thank you!
looks awesome
Thank you!

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