MAD Formula Team MFT01 "Phoenix"

MAD Formula Team MFT01 "Phoenix" V1.5 Final

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Please read the document. It’ll put into context who we are, what we do and what is this car about. If you share this mod, please do so using the link of the RaceDepartment resource page. Do not redistribute, re-host, unpack or share this content without explicit permission from myself or MAD Formula Team. If you have downloaed this car from a site other than this page, or wish to get in touch with me for any questions, please let me know via email at or DM me in RaceDepartment


Formula Student is a competition involving universities from all over the world. Students from these universities develop, build, and race these purpose-built, single-seater racecars against other universities in competitions that take place all over the world during the summer months. Formula Student is the most prestigious engineering competition at a student level.

MAD Formula Team is the Formula Student team from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain. The team is formed by a total of 80 students from all kinds of degrees. Currently we are finishing the construction of the MFT02 racecar that will compete across Europe for the 2022 season. To learn more about the team and follow our journey, please check out our social media (Twitter Instagram Youtube Twitch TikTok), and visit out our website


Following the pandemic, the team was eager to return to the track. 2021 marked the beginning of a new era, as we started our journey as MAD Formula Team. And the car we raced with was the eye catching MFT01. Nicknamed Phoenix, the car competed in Formula Student Netherlands, Formula Student Austria and Formula Student Spain. And now, it is time for YOU to get behind the wheel:

Formula Student rules changed for the 2021 season, allowing for the first time ever the usage of powered ground effect devices. We decided to explore the aerodynamics of the car based on this new opportunity, and the result can only be described as the world's fastest Hoover.


8 fans that generate incredible suction and downforce, The downforce produced by the fans meant it was possible to remove the rear wing, thus saving weight and reducing drag. The fans feature a DRS system, allowing the driver to turn them off on straights to increase the top speed.

Furthermore, the car is extremely low, with a height of just under 85 centimeters, making it one of the lowest cars in FS history. This, combined with a weight of just 257kg makes the car an extremely agile and nimble machine

The car

  • 21 skins available in total:
    • 4 different MAD skins (Testing, Launch, FSA and FSS))
    • 12 Youtuber themed skins (Chris Haye, Billy Cherokee, Heikki360, Saxogaming, Simracing604, CoyoteRacing, Jardier, Team Quadrant, GamerMuscle, Tom97, Let’s Go Race, Jimmy Broadbent and Ermin Hamidovic)
    • 3 FSGP partners skins (GPK, RaceDepartment and
    • 1 Christmas themed livery
  • Realistic physics model of the 2021 MAD Formula Team challenger
  • Fully functioning Powered Ground Effects, recreating the real drag and lift generated by the fans at multiple speeds, and featuring a DRS system that turns the fans off, thus reducing drag.
  • Full suite of setup options available
  • Moving wishbones, animated fans, driver inputs and pedal cover
  • Working AI (For best experience, limit your DRS usage to the areas where the AI uses it. If you have issues with the AI pitting on the last laps, please disable fuel burn)
  • MFT01 EVO edition (a more powerful version of the car): Due to certain engine regulations, engine performance is restricted at Formula Student events. This EVO takes those restrictions away for a total of 121 bhp instead of 70, giving it more speed down the straights while maintaining all the cornering capabilities the normal version has.
  • MFT01 FSGP spec: In order to increase the raceability of the MFT01 in online events, the "FSGP spec" version of the car has been created. Unlike other versions, the fans in this spec are always active, with no DRS feature. Furthermore, this spec uses the 121bhp engine from the EVO.

Online Formula Student racing:

I would like to introduce you to the fantastic Formula Student community, ran by us. If you want clean, short, and competitive online racing with Formula Student cars in a friendly and welcoming environment, this is the place to be. We are hosting weekly races with all sorts of formats and circuits, and with over 1000 members, events are always showing healthy grids.

Furthermore, events from the FSGP Series are livestreamed in MAD Formula Team’s official Twitch account.


Support the team

If you would like to support the project further, there are multiple ways you can do so. We are a non-profit university organisation. All money goes directly towards covering costs of the team:

Doing anything of the above comes with a massive bonus: We will carry your name in the real-life MAD Formula Team MFT02 car.

Finally, if you are a company interested in partnering with the team and becoming a sponsor, please contact us via We are currently exploring the creation of a simulator rig using a chassis from a previous FS car to increase driver training and telemetry correlation programs, and looking at partners which will provide the hardware (so wheel, base, pedals, PC and screen) in exchange for partnerships with the team.


Simply drop the folder inside the zip file in the "assettocorsa" root folder, or drag and drop the zip file in Content Manager

Driving tips

  • Powered ground effects are the main source of downforce and drag on the car (up to 60% of downforce of the total car). Get used to using DRS (which deactivates the fans to increase top speed), but make sure the fans turn on when entering turns (either by braking or manually pressing the DRS button). The car also has a system which will turn fans on automatically if it detects a big steering input to avoid spins, but it isn’t bulletproof.
  • For best offline experience, limit your DRS usage to the areas where the AI uses it. Furthermore, there is an issue with the AI, which pit on the last laps of races. Please disable fuel burn as unfortunately there isn't a fix to this problem
  • Make sure ABS settings is in "Factory" or "Off"
  • The car does not feature power steering, so FFB will be strong
  • Tyres are very sensitive to track and ambient conditions. Play with tyre pressures to make sure tyres stay at an optimal temperature range
  • Read the Beginner’s Setup Guide included in the mod for more information. (Thanks to Guus van Doremalen for creating the document)

Recommended track list

In order to maximise the experience of the car, I recommend you try out some of the circuits listed below. The MFT01 EVO is fit for pretty much any racetrack, however, the standard model will do better at tight and twisty circuits.

GPK Circuits:

Miniature F1 circuits, ideal for the MFT01 to feel at home

GPK tracks:

Formula Student Circuits:

Experience in your own hands the challenge of being a Formula Student driver.

MFT01 tracks:

Small, twisty, technical tracks. Fun and great to race with the standard MFT01.

EVO tracks:

Stretch the legs of the unrestricted Phoenix (as previously mentioned, pretty much any track works for this car. But these in my opinion are perfect, not too big, not too small)

Final comments

I would like to end this post with some personal comments as the man behind this mod, Diego..

I’ve been blown away by what has happened on the last 18 months since I launched the MFTC3. From the incredible support shown on the community, the creation of the Formula Student community, the birth of the FSGP series and the Karting sized F1 circuits to go alongside it, the multiple videos and reviews made by high profile simracing youtubers…. The response has been incredible, and I’m so grateful to have seen this mod grow into so much more.

The MFT01 is a car that has turned heads in real life given how different it was. I was lucky enough to not only to travel with the team to Assen and the Red Bull Ring, but I was also ablet to drive the MFT01 in a few sessions on FSAustria. It was an experience I’ll never forget. I hope with this car you get a sense of what I felt when I drove the Phoenix in real life (and without the pressure given when you can simply respawn if you crash haha)

Ever since the release of the real MFT01, everyone kept asking me “when will you release the MFT01?”. It is something that really fuelled me and motivated me to bring this car onto AC. However, it has taken me a few months to find the time to do so, as I had other commitments to take care of. This car is without a doubt a more polished mod than the MFTC3 in every single aspect. The physics are more accurate, the 3D model is more detailed, the shaders are optimised… Being able to make this car with the previous experience has made this new mod a more enjoyable project, even if there are still many things that I’m learning every day.

If you like the car, please review the mod, it really motivates me, and it really puts a smile on my face seeing people enjoy my car. I'll also happily hear any feedback you have in the discussion section

The last few months have been a bit rough, and simracing has been an oasis that allowed me to regain energies. The community on is incredible and creating this mod has really motivated me, allowing me to take my mind away from everything that was going on around me.

So yeah, enjoy this car, and Dare to be MAD.


(This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.)

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Latest reviews

A.MA.ZING mod, I love it! Only issue is that, in automatic gears, the car shift up WAY too early, and I can never reach top speed because of it. It seems to shift up around 10k RPM, rather than 13 like the AI.
Sweet! Can u add HALO just for fun? ;D
Beautiful car. It;s work well but i have one problem. When i upshift from 4 to 5, car becomes slower and it's even worse with 6th gear. i know it;s a config problem but i don't know much about car setting so it would be great if you help me. Thankyou
Hi! Gearing for the car has been setup with DRS in mind. 5th and 6th gear are only effective when using DRS
...just awesome!
tbh as a car this is incredible, but thing is the drs being automaticaly dissabled is a huge problem as when your are entering a corner with high speed with drs on when it gets dissabled you need to downshift to keep rpm and if it dissables during an otherwise easily savable slide it will overcorrect, also you need to make sure that the geometry of the car doesnt change when turning the fans off and on and even if the geometry doesnt change the car requires completely different driving, with drs off (fans on) its in karting terms overgriped not letting the engine accelerate to its full potential after the apex when you have the fans off it needs match stiffer and faster more twitchy steering to get the car to turn in faster in a smooth motion and settle down at the apex its like driving 2 different cars that need to be set up differently and especially with the restricted engines having an overgriped car is a problem with the right setup for the track and a less agressive drs system (where it would turn off after the apex or atleast let the driver do it )you could be able to balance holding the engine back on entry and having more grip (good luck with your irl efforts too)
Amazing!! Thank you for your wonderful work!!
This car is a great gift, it is one of the funniest car for AC. Thank you very much, great wok. Please keep pushing on its evolution.
Amazing quality, very fun to throw around small circuits
Very interesting car, thanks
One Small query, the Rear camber on each side dont match. Is that deliberate.
You mean the right rear and the left rear don't match? I checked and I cannot see any issues

It could be down to the track you took the car to has a slightly sloped pit area. The data on the right hand side is live, so any kind of slope will affect this value. Check on a perfectly flat pit area, and if the issue persists, maybe try to redownload and do a clean install of the car

Thanks for the review!
To me this is the best car for Assetto Corsa or really any racing sim for years. 5 stars is actually not enough. If he could he got 10 stars from me. It looks very cool, the livery is beautiful, the sound is very nice, but especially the driving is great.
Fans have been banned in almost all racing classes for years, but it is allowed in the Formula Student. It has no less than 8 fans that provide an enormous downforce. So big that a rear wing is no longer necessary. As a result, the cornering speed is much higher than you are used to. The fans do ensure a lower top speed. But the makers have come up with something for that, you can disable them with the DRS button. They also turn on automatically when braking or turning into a bend. You can use this not only in a DRS zone but everywhere. And that's what makes this car spectacular, like no other racing car.
You can also make a lot of changes to the setup of this car and that has a significant impact on the driving characteristics. If you find working on the setup difficult, there is a good basic setup and help in the form of a manual that explains the relationship between driving characteristics and the adjustment in the setup in a simple way.
a fun car...
soooo much fun!!! Thanks for the links to tracks i didnt know existed.
Hey, really nice mod, I like it better than the previous FS for its look and the "drs" GE system, it is fun to drive and handles as expected from the high downforce.
My only nitpick would be sound wise :
- tyres screeching is not so good :/
- I own an old cbr600f with basically the same engine and find the rev sounds to be good over 5-6k rpm and up, but at lower rpm I think it should sound more bubbly, and finally I don't know how low racebikes engines are tuned to idle at but idling at 3k6 seems a bit high, I suppose the real one is tuned that way.
Great work !
Thanks for the review!

I am unfortunately not a sound modder. The sounds for this car have been lended by Modek, and it comes from the Lawnmower. It is not the most accurate sound, but it is the closest there is

As for idling, we modified the ECU so the idle RPM are higher
Awesome car again! Was a pleasure meeting you in Spielberg last year and seeing this car in person. Had some interesting talks in the warmup area ahead of AutoX! All the best for the future and thank you for this amazing mod, greetings from Baltic Racing, Stralsund, Germany!
Our neighbours in FSN! Really appreciate the support. I will not be attending in person events this year, but if you see others from our team, make sure to say hi! :)
nice =)
This looks and sounds amazing. The new "DRS" is intriguing and it feels like learning how to use it effectively will be a major part of "how to be fast" in the car. I am instantly jealous of everyone who has had the opportunity to drive this in real life.

If the real-world car allows the driver to adjust the sensitivity of the steering-based DRS disabling system, that would be an interesting feature to add to the mod as well; I feel like it's a bit too sensitive to steering inputs (for example, in the approach to Sterling's on Brands Hatch Indy).

Another instant favorite from me. Long live MAD Formula Team and long live AC.
Thanks for the review!

The real life car does not have the feature at all (the button is held to enable, and when you take the finger off it's disabled). I decided to add it on the game so people wouldn't spin out as often

After much testing, I settled on 2G as the Gforce limit for DRS, anything above that makes the car too unstable
What a car, simply amazing
Want to drive an actual FSAE/FS car again after this.

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