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MAD Formula Team MFT02 V1.33 Final

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Please read the document before downloading. It’ll put into context who we are, what we do and what is this car.

If you share this mod, please do so using the link of the RaceDepartment resource page. Do not redistribute, re-host, unpack or share this content without explicit permission from myself or MAD Formula Team.

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Formula Student is a competition involving universities from all over the world. Students from these universities develop, build, and race these purpose-built, single-seater racecars against other universities in competitions that take place all over the world during the summer months. Formula Student is the most prestigious engineering competition at a student level.

MAD Formula Team is the Formula Student team from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain. The team is formed by a total of 80 students from all kinds of degrees. Currently we are constructing the MFT03 racecar that will compete across Europe for the 2023 season. To learn more about the team and follow our journey, please check out our social media (Twitter Instagram Youtube LinkedIn TikTok), and visit out our website

After a mixed 2021 season, the team was eager to improve on the results achieved in 2022 and put all the lessons learnt from the Phoenix onto practice. The result is the MAD Formula Team MFT02. Nicknamed internally "Naomi", this car was the result of a year of work, development, and testing. The team competed in Formula Student Austria, Formula Student Germany, and Formula Student Spain. With the MFT02, the team made yet another step forward in performance, achieving for the first time ever a top 10 overall result in FSS, as well as obtaining our highest score in competition. And now, it is time for YOU to get behind the wheel:

Where are the fans??

This is going to be the most asked question about the new car, and for good reason. The previous MFT01 was a revolutionary machine, having 8 fans at the rear of the car. However, the system developed for the MFT01 proved very heavy and difficult to use. Despite the additional downforce, this advantage could not be fully exploited in tight and twisty Formula Student circuits, where agility is key. The MFT02 is almost 10% lighter than the Phoenix, making it the nimblest and most developed car from the team.

This does not mean the team has scrapped the idea of Powered Ground Effects. Other teams have proven smaller, lighter PGE devices will give a competitive advantage on track. The MFT02 is the perfect platform for the team to test new concepts that will be incorporated in future MAD race cars.

Note: The fan you see at the rear of the car doesn’t generate any downforce. It is there for engine cooling purposes only.

On top of the improved weight, the car featured improvements in the chassis, suspension system and brakes. The aerodynamic package also features 2 wing settings, a high downforce setup for the AutoX, Skidpad and Endurance events, while a low downforce wing setting which is used for the Acceleration event.

As for the sim version, all these changes will become apparent as soon as you get behind the wheel. The physics model has been heavily reworked, with changes on every single department to improve accuracy. From brakes, tyres, aerodynamics, suspension, engine… there have improvements on every area to better match the characteristics of the real car. All the data in the car is based on real life data, telemetry analysis and driver feedback.

The 3D model is based on the CAD model from the car, redeveloped from scratch for usage in Assetto Corsa. The car features a variety of animations, and lots of effort has been put into making the car as accurate and optimized as possible, both at a polygon level and with textures.

The car

  • 21 skins available in total
  • Realistic physics model of the 2022 MAD Formula Team challenger, based entirely on real life data.
  • Full suite of setup options available
  • Moving wishbones, animated fan, moveable wing, driver inputs and pedal cover
  • MFT02 EVO edition (a more powerful version of the car): Due to certain engine regulations, engine performance is restricted at Formula Student events. This EVO takes those restrictions away for a total of 121 bhp instead of 70, giving it more speed down the straights while maintaining all the cornering capabilities the normal version has.
SFX thanks to @Modek, tyre textures based on @garyjpaterson Hoosier UCM texture
Jimmy Broadbent driver texture provided by @Jumper2022
Special shoutout to Jose Antonio Villaverde, Marcos Simal and many other colleagues who have helped in the development of this mod by making skins, creating promotional content and providing data.
Skin template for the car available here:

Online Formula Student Racing

Although racing with the AI is fun, there’s nothing quite competing with fellow community members. That is why I would like to introduce you to the fantastic Formula Student community, ran by us. If you want clean, short, and competitive online racing with Formula Student cars in a friendly and welcoming environment, this is the place to be. We are hosting weekly races with all sorts of formats and circuits, and with over 1500 members, events are always showing healthy grids.

Check the schedule and format out, everyone is welcomed to join in and race with us.

Discord server link:

Driver in the loop project

The MFT02 car for Assetto Corsa is proving to be a valuable tool in the team for driver training. Having a realistic car in the simulator, as well as recreation of the circuits we race at, makes this a fantastic training tool, both for drivers and for the team to better setup the car.

However, to fully enhance the immersion and accuracy of the data collected, plans have been made to develop the MAD simulator. Using a previous monocoque as the base of the simulator, the goal is to add all the equipment (wheelbase, pedals, PC, and screens) to create a fully functional simulator.

If you would like to support the team further, there are multiple ways you can do so. We are a non-profit university organisation. All money goes directly towards covering costs of the team:
If you are a simracing company interested in partnering with the team, and collaborate with the manufacturing of the simulator, please contact us via and become a MAD Formula Team sponsor in the process.


Simply drop the “content” folder inside the zip file in the "assettocorsa" root folder, or drag and drop the zip file in Content Manager.

To install the additional setups provided, drop the “setups” folder available inside Additional Setups at C:\Users\xxxxxxxx\Documents\Assetto Corsa.

I recommend you to installed Content Manager, Custom Shaders Patch and SOL in order to maximize the experience. The car will work just fine in a vanilla game, but these add-ons take the game onto the next level.

Driving tips

  • Make sure ABS settings is in "Factory" or "Off”.
  • The car does not feature power steering, so FFB will be strong.
  • Tyres are very sensitive to track and ambient conditions. Play with tyre pressures to make sure tyres stay at an optimal temperature range.
  • If you have issues with the AI pitting on the last laps, please disable fuel burn.
  • Default setup is very conservative to make the car easy to drive and predictable. Don't hesitate to play with the setup to improve your performance and enjoyment of the car.
  • The low downforce wing makes the car very unstable using the default setup. Low Downforce setups have been provided within the mod. Install them and use them as a starting point when running low wings.

Recommended track list

To maximise the experience of the car, I encourage you try out some of the circuits listed below. The MFT02 EVO is fit for pretty much any racetrack, however, the standard model will do better at tight and twisty circuits.

GPK Circuits:

Grand Prix Karting pretends to create miniature, kart sized F1 circuits. They are the perfect venues to host Formula Student Races. Enjoy the FSGP experience.

Formula Student Circuits:

Experience in your own hands the challenge of being a Formula Student driver.

MFT02 tracks:

Small, twisty, technical tracks. Fun and great to race with the standard car.

EVO tracks:

Stretch the legs of the unrestricted Phoenix (as previously mentioned, pretty much any track works for this car. But these in my opinion are perfect, not too big, not too small)

Final comments

Hello all, Diego here. This MFT02 is my latest creation, the 3rd Assetto Corsa car I make for the team. It is a very motivating project, as I get to develop something I truly believe can prove useful and beneficial for the team, and give us a tangible, real improvement during FS events.

However, that pales in comparison to the motivation boost I receive from the simracing community when the mod goes live. All the support received, all the knowledge the best in the business have shared, all the fun races I’ve enjoyed with this car and the community. It’s impossible to put into words how enjoyable this has been, and how much I’ve learned over the years.

Truth is, and very few people know this, the MFT02 will likely be the last Formula Student car I make for public release for Assetto Corsa. As I approach the end of my university degree at the end of the year, my involvement with the team may also end with it. And in case this is indeed my last contribution to the community representing MAD, I want to let you know I’ve put countless hours onto Naomi to make it as good as I know, and for you to hopefully enjoy it as much as possible when you get behind the wheel. I am very proud of this car, it brings a lot of memories, and the sim version will preserve those memories every time someone loads up the game.

Who knows what is on the horizon. But always Dare to be MAD.


(This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.)

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Latest reviews

Great Work!
From all the MAD Formula Team cars so far, including all the different updates, I like this MFT02 V1.31 update the most. For me, driving is a real pleasure !!!
the EVO is crazily quick; but both versions are fun to drive, stick to the road like glue, and need a careful feel on the brake pedal
look amaizing great mod !!!
As always, one of the best mods out there
Really wonderful mod! I appreciate your great work!
Very good
Awesome! Thanks for your hard work!
Fantastic little machine as always. Regardless of whether or not this'll be your last Formula Student mod, then I wish you luck on all your future endeavours. Should you stick with Assetto Corsa modding, I'll be sure to check out what you make next.
Good to see you guys come back with your new car! Absolute "madness"!
Wow you guys rule, exactly like Madrid

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