Algarve track fixes

Algarve track fixes 2021 Final

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If you have driven Algarve (, you know the annoyance of having laps deleted when running slightly wide on various corners of the track. And in many cases, you find out that despite having 2 wheels on the track, your lap has been deleted


Not anymore.
This simple mod fixes this issue, and creates boundaries similar to those in F1 (As long as you have 2 wheels on the kerb, you are good.)

Furthermore, the annoying invisible wall at pit exit is no longer there.
And for good measure, DRS zones match those used for the 2021 Portuguese GP

Simply drop the folder inside the zip file in the "assettocorsa" root forder

PS. You can follow me on Twitter, most of the things I upload are irrelevant (mainly motorsports related), but you may find sneak peeks of my future mod over there ;)

Latest updates

  1. 2021 update

    Updated DRS zones to match the 2021 zones
  2. Small change to the pit lane exit

    So you know how the pit lane exit is for some reason a wall that would damage your car rather...

Latest reviews

Thank you very much.
As a portuguese, you have my seal of approval xD
Thanks! Very appreciated!
Thank you, works perfect with the new AI by "kevink63"

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