McLaren British GP Chrome Livery

McLaren British GP Chrome Livery v1

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Chrome McLaren British GP Livery!

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This mod includes:
  • McLaren's Chrome British GP Livery [McLaren Chassis]

How to install mods on F1 23:

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Latest reviews

Excelent job!!!Can you create the latest mclaren livery for the 2023 season with the Velo sponsor in the center of the halo in the camera car?
Thanks a lot for your work!
Is it only possible to change the blue? I thought it would be fine to change the black too
can you make this livery on fom car and apply more chrome and velo sponsor on halo and sidepod
I see they have the shiny chrome look for Silverstone.. is anyone able to make that skin?
horrible livery on mclarens part but good mod, will you add driversuits at any point however?
This only changed blue to chrome. It is not how it's supposed to be
It is impossible to replicate the chrome design on the actual mclaren chassis due to the limitations of the game

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