Mclaren GP Japan Special Helmet

Mclaren GP Japan Special Helmet 1

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Hello! This is the eighth design that I upload, it is a version of a special helmet for the Japanese Grand Prix, not only because of the range of light colors emulating the cherry blossom, but also because it has Mount Fuji on the sides, also on the back. On the back of the helmet is the inscription "thank you very much Japan".
In tribute to all Japanese F1 fans and their beautiful circuit that has so much history.
It is a version for McLaren.

I hope you like it and enjoy it!

mazu :)

I also make custom helmets specifically for 5USD, they are a set of 3 helmets adapted to your tastes, you just have to write to my Instagram @MarianoManeiro29.
Thanks for the support!
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Looks great well done there
Love the design probs one of my fav designs i seen on race department, is there a possibility that you could create a Haas Helmet for my career mode?
Hey! thanks for the comment!; completely personalized, it has a cost (it would be 3 helmets with the theme you want).
But this week or next I'll probably do some hass design.

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