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Melbourne GP Dynamic Map 2013-08-20

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Melbourne GP
Dynamic Replay Map
Fully Animated Dynamic Map Alpha Transparent
Hi Guys starting a new series in conjunction with
Just Simply slow the Map down or Speed it up,,,,

Full Dynamic Replay Maps all Circuits
Just Insert the video on top of your Gameplay
To get the desired Effect

There was a little Confusion Making the first Video but I am glad this has happened now because I can show you not how to do it and How to do it lol,,,,
Sorry He must have just taken the Video down but you get the idea in this Video Bottom Left is how to do it
And top right is how not to do it ,,,
Buttons his going to redo the Video later so ill bring you Guys

IF Any of you Guys are wanting custom Graphics with your name and flag on Just ask quite happy to make a one off custom Graphic for every single Person!!!

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