Mexico Gran Premio 1967

Mexico Gran Premio 1967 v1.11

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  1. - fixed folders structure

    - Fixed folder structure.
  2. -Fixed some bugs

    - Horizont changed - Fixed road mesh and groove layers - Added some objects

Latest reviews

Awesome thank you :)
Amazing work!
I love the track, its great but it gets really low FPS. It would be awesome if you could somehow optimize it a bit. Other than that, its a musthave for old school racing enthusiasts.
Only the fps drops when racing are a bit sad.
What a amazing track. Superb. The IA is simply human on this track. Thank you.
Love old track! Do more please~
Like track but very low fps?
thank you very much, great work, amazing track, we want more :)
Excellent track, good job!
Also love this classic track. Thanks!!
Fantastic! Definitely replacing the other version of this layout for me
Very nice indeed, one of the best-looking RTB tracks I've seen. There are a few issues though which I'll post about in the support thread.
Great job! Congratulations!
Very nice, I had the 2016 and 1988, but not 1967, thank you.
Very nice :)
Thank you for your rendering of this track in its original configuration. Much of its layout was copied from other tracks, like the Curva Grande-like first turn to the Riverside-like Esses and last turn copied from Riverside's infamous Turn 9. It was challenging and dangerous as hell, but a paragon of virtue compared to the current circuit, which is like playing miniature golf on the Augusta National.
Absolutely fantastic, the "old" GPLer here is so happy !
Thank you very much ! ;-)
Fantastic !!! Remembering Grand Prix Legends !!!
That's one beautiful copy of this track. (and you can make the hairpin) Thanks for that.
Muy buen trabajo, muchas gracias por compartirlo.

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