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Zandvoort F1 Layout 0.23

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Latest updates

  1. csp bug fixes

    CSP bugs solve it.
  2. 24 box version

    - added 24 pitbox - added track skins , created : arthurvince
  3. smoothed last corner

    - resmoothed last corner.

Latest reviews

Good, but where is the wet look for rainy weather?
very nice, only one thing CM doesnt report what version it is
with CSP turned on the armco is black. Please fix - it ruins immersion!
There seems to be something wrong with CSP turned on. The guard rails are colour black.
Great layout, great track! Go on like this! The dunes at the straight and at turn 7 and 8 and S turn has been gone now. At the F1race there wil be grandstands there. More ai sould be nice (like the 36 zandvoort in old trim.)
Awesome track!
this is an amazing version of the the track
i have a problem, the fie is unknow or is damage
very good, very real thanks for this amazing track.-
Amazing work!! Awesome!
Many-many thanks. :)
thanks very much .....
Thank you for your hard work :) ! here is my lap!
Top update!!
Many thanks!
Thanks, now i can race zandvoort new style
This track is awesome.Race here most of the time.
Great work

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