Miri Permyjaya Race Track - Sarawak Malaysia

Miri Permyjaya Race Track - Sarawak Malaysia 1

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Presenting the Miri Permyjaya Race Track for Assetto Corsa!

What started as a fun, non-serious, small project, soon escalated into years and years of burning midnight oil.
Yes, this track took us 3 years! (Thanks, but no thanks to Covid-19, we started this project)
Realizing it's potential on the very first drive, my friend (Steve) joint in and we started developing the track.

We have decided to release this track for free, hoping everyone could enjoy it, especially to all the motorsports community in Miri.
Being this is the very first track and our very first time using the 3D & texturing software, please report any bugs to Steve or me.

At the meantime, please consider to donate to us as we have ourselves, families, dogs, and cats to feed. *Please indicate that it's donation for the track. Gotta split the dollar with Steve!

Now to the fun stuff!
Track features:
- 16 Pit boxes
- Track map
- Working starting lights
- Working night lights
- Time attack/hotlap supported
- 3 Layout: Full track, half track, reverse half track

Known bugs:
- RainFX puddles doesnt work correctly yet
- Invisible wall for half track forward layout near pit entrance is purposely done to avoid cheating
- No skidmarks on track yet
- General lack of texturing on trackside building areas
- AI is not working correctly

- Assetto Corsa (The game ofcourse!)
- Custom Shader Patch (Will work without CSP too! Just doesn't look as nice)
- Please read the readme.txt for installation direction

We hope you'll have tones of fun here while saving you lots of expensive repairs and tires on your real cars!

Signing off,
- tomodachix (Daniel)
- LeFat**** (Steve)

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