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Motor Sports Land 1.1

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  1. New version :-)

    Motor Sports Land v.1.1 by Frito (ZFLB) ======================================= - Scratch...

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great track. I use it for hours and hours drifting 4wd cars especially. thank you
Top quality! Loved it! Wish it could be longer :)
Thx! I'm working on a newer version of this track that will include new roads and a pit line - a remake of remake in some sort :-)
fun with many cars
0k Thank you =)
Perfect little track for fiddling around with a low hp factory car
Esta divertida, Gracias.
For a faithful recreation it is a 5 star, but game technology has come a long way since the PS1 era and as an actual AC race course, it's difficult to give it higher than 4. You've spent time on this course and it shows well in your offering, but for a track that's been abandoned since the 90's it doesn't feel or look like it has aged one bit and that to me is actually a negative.

The track details are adequate, but hardly are they a looker. The over-sized and generally cartoon-like look of the billboards distract the driver, and there doesn't seem to be much variation in terms of tree placing.

Past that, the lack of a proper pit lane area and only 10 'pits' makes this track a bit difficult to use for anything than hot lapping and drifting. The location of the pits causes wide cars to hit the side wall.

If some work was done to the colour choices, texturing, props and race groove I'm sure this track would become a stellar modern-gaming interpretation of a classic Sim racing track.
bien merci
Thank you so much for this! hope to see more classic gt tracks in ac :)
Great fun track to drift
Thanks for this and thanks for your work! A trip down memory lane... Would be awesome to see Deep Forest Raceway one day... The track is one of the smallest tracks in Gran Turismo 2 and if I remember correctly was only a max of six cars... Any more than 10 would be AI traffic jam...
someone explains to me the utility of releasing a circuit with 10 Box, what are the mini bikes racing on? and maybe they are too many

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