Motorsport Arena Oschersleben '22 (Aerial LiDAR based)

Motorsport Arena Oschersleben '22 (Aerial LiDAR based) 0.50001

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Some know I had been working on this since early 2021, in mid 2022 I sorta hit a "creative block" and in general started getting active in the MSFS modding scene instead, just trying my hands on making content for a different engine.

But this had been catching dust on my HDD, and I got a few inquiries about its state especially over the last few weeks, so here is what I had so far as a BETA release. I don't like the ground shaders, everything is too "nuclear", sponsoring stuff is missing, CSP setup is very basic with grass and rain (there's no night racing at this track, so don't bother asking for more lights), but it should be totally usable for multiplayer and racing against the AI.


To my knowledge it should be the most accurate version of the Motorsport Arena around for Assetto Corsa in terms of layout and physics, it has no relation to any old convert of this track which were based upon the SimBin version released in Race 07.


This is 100% scratch made based upon public LiDAR data from the Landesamt für Vermessung und Geoinformation Sachsen-Anhalt.

Have fun giving it a try over the Easter weekend and feel free in giving constructive criticism and tips in the Discussion thread.

Special thanks to Leonardo Ratafiá for the TV cameras, thanks to Sascha Guenther for helpful photos, very special thanks to MotoparkGS for very in-detail photos of areas I could never reach :D

(Diese Rennstrecke ist auf Basis der öffentlich verfügbaren Geländedaten erstellt worden. Der hier breitgestellte Download enthält und teilt keine Dateien des LVermGeo)

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  1. arg, been out of this for too long

    Sorry for an update after just a few minutes, but at least this one should be textured correctly...

Latest reviews

BETA is also worthy of five stars
Our community needs more guys like you biggg thancks mate !!
Very good looking forward to any updates
Well done. Thanks
Thanks for giving us a new and better version of this lovely Track!

It´s a bit over an hour away from my little village and I love watching the races there and I´m very fortunate to have driven that track with quite a few cars in the last few years.

The most fun I had was a weekend of modern Monoposti Training in the Formula BMW Cars which have a complete carbon construction, great Aero which really pushes you down and a great high reving engine (I think it was something around 12-14k?) and the BMW M6 GT3!

The FOrmula BMW cars only have 140hp but are very light and with that car it´s about the insane cornering speeds because of the full blown downforce those cars have.
That was a really amazing and unique experience and I´m really happy that I could attend that event at the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben!
Great effort mate, love the circuit)))
Beatiful. Please keep developing it. It's such a fun layout to drive.

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