Moulinon-Antraigues // Free Version // Rallye Monte Carlo

Moulinon-Antraigues // Free Version // Rallye Monte Carlo 1.0

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/////// >>> FULL 40km VERSION HERE <<< ///////

You can show support by buying the full versions of my tracks over at

Full version of this particular track contains 7 layouts, some of which are over 40km long and have snow/ice sections. Also has 16 pits for online servers.

Made from scratch in Blender, the free version is 9.3km long and runs from St Joseph des Bancs to just past the village of Genestelle.


Terrain and road elevation of this legendary stage have been derived from EU height datasets.


It is strongly advised that you use the Custom Shaders Patch with this track.


For any Assetto Corsa rallying, I also recommend the Patrick Brunner Codriver Mod as well as these pacenotes recently recorded by Sim Vansevenant.


/////// Happy driving! ///////

Latest reviews

Very hard track, only for pros (just like the original).
Thank you!
For me, THE best rally track for AC ever.
An absolutely must have.
I forgot to review it before but it's done now, a masterpiece for all rally lovers.
Thank you so much ;)
Absolutely fantastic! Incredible... the best rally track for Assetto.

You made an amazing job. Many thanks. You're the boss.
Natural and realistic road. But a little too similar throughout whole course.
AMAZING with Sol.
I did a cinematic video! look:
hyperspeed lol
glad you are enjoying it
Buying the full version is worth it. Only for 4,5€ you have 81 km of a premium rally stages, in my humble opinion it's so cheap...

Rally lovers wish another long stage like Sisteron or Col Turini, I think that many of us would be willing to pay more money for one of those stages.

Congratulations again.
Best rally stage for AC this moment. Road surface and surrounding villages are incredibly detailed. Definitely buy the full version
Very beautiful. Thank you very much.
Beautiful track, but i was wondering where the end was. A bit to drawn out. Nice.
Extremely great work, respect to the creator!
cheers mate!
A layman's question: what's the point of making a rally track with only one pit? If I have to make a rally with many participating drivers, how do I do it? Thank you for your kind reply
You buy the full version

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