Nancy-Seichamps 1930s / Grand Prix de Lorraine

Nancy-Seichamps 1930s / Grand Prix de Lorraine 1.0.5

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Track created from GPS data, old photos, IGN aerial view and local archives.

Software : Bob's Track Builder, Google Sketchup, 3DSimED3, ZModeler2, Paint.NET, ksEditor

15 opponents max.

Thanks to Noëlle Diaquin and Pascal François for sharing me and sending the old local archives.

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Latest updates

  1. Update 1.0.5 / "Track not found" problems

    Hi :) Some of you reports the "Track not found" problem, so I try to rename some files.. If you...

Latest reviews

Merci ! toujours agréable de trouver des circuits d'époque, peu courants et qu'on (re)découvre avec plaisir !
Amazing historical track, very fun to do races and awesome to see a historically accurate track for this time period. Very nice work! I would love to have more than 15 opponents to race against... and maybe (as others have said) a more bumpy road surface. Love this track and look forward to more of your tracks!
It has already been said in other reviews, but I repeat three basic upgrades that would need the mod, with the hope that this GREAT track will be even better...

1- Include a road mesh to get a more bumpy track, as it would surely be in those days.
2- Change the big trees on the edges of the road; the current ones are too cartoonish.
3- Improve the transition between the track and the grass, which is now too abrupt.

By the way, I always feel guilty making these criticisms, as I have no idea of modding and wouldn't be able to make a track half as fun as this one... but I try doing them from respect and with a constructive spirit.

Thanks for sharing your work!
Based on your video, this track is right up my ally! I love the 30s cars and tracks and this one looks amazing! Thanks for your hard work!! I cant wait to get a Maserati 6cm on it! Much appreciation!
Realy good track for racing and driving around. Morever I f*cking love to see my hometown in Ac.
Thank you for this amazing mod !
Thank you!
If we had a 10 Star rating that would be my mark!
The 'Track not' issue is no longer an issue, it has been fixed. A developer that notices some users have a problem and then fixes it is a developer we hope has a long and successful career.
Thank very much for bringing us this great circuit and fixing it for those of us who experienced difficulty.
First of all, it's always nice to see that there are people who prefer old circuits.
In contrast to the parking lots of today, they do not forgive any driving errors.
But a little fine-tuning would do the race track good.
Otherwise great work.
By the way, this applies to all modders who keep Assetto Corsa alive and keep making it better.
Hello J.J.McClure !

Thanks for your feedback, I will try in the next few times, to further improve the track.

Yes love this era ! And there are still so many missing tracks.
Sorry, but did you a test race on your track before release? I don`t think so. Race Weekend - 20 opponents - the AI cars crash in the pits and at the race start - so you can't race on this RACE track. And the graphics are much too bright and the green of the grass is very unrealistic.
Hello Frank25 !

Yes it is indicated that it is 15 opponents maximum.
I will try in the next few times, to further improve the circuit.
Fantastic, love these historical tracks!
Great vintage track with a very enjoyable layout to race on!
The composition of village section, the rendition of houses, church, or isolated farms is a treat.

Now, thanks to the 1.05 update, the track loads fine, without the risk of "Track not found" error.

The 4 stars stand for the need of refinement in texturing (notely on grass-road jonction, and mid-distance landscape).
The trees aligned along the road would like to be refined too. (plane trees?)
Some more light bumps here and there in the lowland sections would be nice!
The exclusive male audience (no woman, neitheir children) looks a bit funny to me.

But again, outside these wished refinements, this debut AC track from F1PiloteJV is a very exciting one, not to mention that a new 1930's track is good news!
Thanks Vince wheel !

Agree with you for some necessary improvements, I will see to do that.

Yes love this era ! And there are still so many missing tracks.
Really unique track. I love the 1930s setting and the dirt road texture.

Some feedback:
1. Tree FX on the trees (to eliminate the big tree's toylike appearance).
2. A bit more bumpy/interesting road/dirt texture.
3. A better looking dirt road appearance.
4. Adjusting the AI opponent selection number to 15, to actually match the amount of AI cars that work properly on the circuit.
5. Add a track map.

My review:
Thanks for your feedback Daniel !

This is my first track for AC so I know some things are not perfect, but I take your advice into consideration.

Totally agree for the too smooth road, I will see to add fake bumps and made other improvements

Have a nice day.
Love the concept and the era but each time I attempt to launch the track I get the message 'failed to find track' or words to that effect. Removed and did a fresh install without any change. Shame.
I made an update and rename the files.
looks great
tolle strecke,ich mag diese alten strecken
tolle arbeit

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