Natural Mod PP Filter

Natural Mod PP Filter 28

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Natural Mod + Pure Gamma

Natura Mod + Pure LCS
If using Pure, ensure Pure and CSP are up to date

Installation instructions are included in the readme file. Note that free version of CM doesn't install this properly via drag and drop.

If you like the filter, you can get email notifications of updates via Racedepartment's "watch" function.

Track adjustments, Trees receving per-vertex shadows Enabled
If trees look too dark in replays "use seasons" setting
Graphic adjustments: if having issues with sunrays, try adjusting Far plane under adaptive clip planes/clip planes in VR
I'm currently using Peter Boese AC Texture Color Corrections from Sol Discord server
Screenshots taken with Natural Mod + Pure

Natural Mod + Pure Gamma

Natural Mod + Pure LCS

Latest updates

  1. Pure LCS support

    If you like the filter, you can get email notifications of updates via Racedepartment's "watch"...
  2. Lots of fine tuning to pure script, should be less dull looking

    Pure Script: Adjust advanced ambient light, should be less dull looking. May need more fine...
  3. Small adjustment to ambient light

    Pure script: Adjust ambient light, should look just right as sun is coming down now Remove...

Latest reviews

This is the only ppfilter you'l ever need. Tried them "all" and i always come back to this one.
Looks beautiful straight out of the box great work Chris!
incredible filter, the most optimized for my rtx 3060 that I have currently found. 60 fps stable hopefully I can upgrade to a more efficient RTX. thank you very much
I used this for a long time with Sol and loved it dearly. Switched to Pure only recently and didn't even realize there was a version of this for Pure too now.

After much searching and wasting a ton of time with a ton of other supposedly "amazing" filters, I discovered the updated version of this one and yes, it looks as gorgeous as I remember it with Sol, but now on Pure, so overall a little better.

Go glad to be back to those lovely clean visuals, thank you so so much! <3
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
Thanks for the feedback!!
I switched from SOL to Pure some days ago. The PureVR filter is good for racing in VR with my Oculus Rift CV1, but the Natural Mod PP Filter is just better. Everything looks "Natural" and the filter doesn't cost FPS as it should be in VR.
In my opinion of course, the best PPFilter out there, it just looks right nothing is over exaggerated, it looks.... well... natural.
the best filter, work fine in the last CSP 0.2.0, thanks.-
This pp filter fixed my "filter anxiety". Clarity, good for performance.. Awesome.
I have been using this PP filter for many years.
Fantastic that you update this filter with the CSP and Pure changes.
I think it is the best filter, also in VR, right out of the box.
I don't play Assetto on the monitor so I cannot comment on that, however when using VR this blows everything else away its amazing.
Tried a bunch of filters and keep coming back to this one. Latest version looks great in VR. Thanks for making this. Cheers mate
Oh, I've been through dozens of popular filters, allright. Nothing compares to this beauty, which is also one of the few that work as advertised out of the box and you get what you see on the mod page.
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
cheers for teh feedback!
Still one of the best PP filters available. Very lifelike, works well with most tracks and gives better fps than most of the seemingly more complex PP filters.
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
cheers for the feedback!
Always been best for the last ten years :) I don't like other shinny filters. This is the real nature.
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
cheers for the feedback!
This filter + SRP Pure config is the hands down best combo I've found for VR. Running a 4090 + Pimax 5k Plus @ 90hz + vrtoolkit
Natural Mod PPFilter 18 easy to install and to use
very nice job mate . 5 stars
Really nice Filter, thank you very much.

Can you please tell me something more about "Peter Boese AC Texture Color Corrections" and where I can find it?
Have you a link for Discord?

Many thanks in advance :-)
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
cheers. the texture corrections remove the yellow tint from the sun that is baked into some of the ks textures, which is not needed as the weather shines yellow light onto the texture anyway. other improvements too.

discord invite:
Should be default. Beautifully natural.

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