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Odometer 0.4.2b

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LEFT - trip meter
RIGHT - odometer

Odometer that keeps track of how much you've driven each car, and displays it on a faux mechanical meter. As long as the game doesn't crash, it'll remember how far you've driven over multiple sessions.

Latest updates

  1. 64-bit wouldn't run without certain other apps present

    Changed 1 character in the source file :|
  2. 32-bit compatibility

    1.3 AC introduced 64-bit. This update should let it run ok on both 32- and 64-bit.
  3. Calibration accuracy

    Doing burnouts the first time driving a car could lead to very badly calibrated odometers. This...

Latest reviews

Super! Thanx a lot - now I can more easy start a 1000 km race ...
Installed but doesn't work. Not appearing in my apps. I was hopeful for this because I have a few cars that are stuck on 0.0km even though I've been driving them, and I do like recorded mileage because I do a lot of cruises
I installed in normally. It ran but altered my odometer readings in CM by like +2000km the first time and then by like +3000km the first time all before completing 1 lap. Now my most used data is skewed.

How can I adjust the CM total odometers to reset it to its original value before this app?
If the CM numbers are too high there's no fix I know of. The app existed before CM had odometers and I don't know how it sends data to the app or where it stores it.
Worked great until recently... The app no longer shows up for me on my apps list when I'm on game.. is there a fix?
Very helpful, Thanks!
How can I add the odometer to a car? I want it for personal cars
You shouldn't need anything beyond the app, it'll track distance on any car you load.
Brilliant! I love doing time trials and going the distance for fun. This is perfect.
I cannot even understand why ASSETTO CORSA doesn't have something like this. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Best app. A racing game without an odometer is like waiting for a ship at the airport :D
good job,please update, the app disappear when click on it
Generally if it disappears it's because another app is conflicting, can't say anymore without logs.
unique please keep updated.
I absolutely love this mod. So simple but for some reason it adds a lot to the game for me.
Fantastic, novel concept. With so many cars installed, and fighting constantly to figure out which ones the sound will work on this time, it'll be fun to collect this data.
I've rated it a five, but it seems to be broken right now. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update this great little app. It is one of two I use, helicorsa being the other.
Keep updating it please!
It's unique, I don't see any other app doing this, and it's a great idea! :)
A must have app! It's tiny, but it keeps track of every car's total mileage driven. How could you ask for more? You don't even need it to be on the screen for it to record your mileage.
Great little mod, managed to put it in KM's and scale it to my preference thanks to your advice, and it's a keeper. Thank you!
Must have but non compatible with Ferito blue flag :'(
Nice idea

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