(oh so) Real Weather for Assetto Corsa by shnala

(oh so) Real Weather for Assetto Corsa by shnala 1.2

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check out (all new) comparison screens !
(be) real

(be) real.png

Did you notice that as soon as you selected ANY cloudy condition
in Assetto Corsa you also got that.... "monsoon type of weather",
you know, Sun seems is nowhere close to track and, maybe, even
planet Earth. So, why can't we have some nice looking clouds and
Sun at the same time, you wonder? So did I.
heavy clouds comparision:
_02 heavy clouds comparision.jpg

Then I start tweaking weather conditions and, bit by bit, I got this
three fair/cloudy versions (for now) clear (shnala's fair weather),
cloud and heavy cloud conditions.
light clouds comparision:
_01 light clouds comparision.jpg

Also... did you ever try that fog weather? Well, if you didn't...
you didn't miss anything, believe me. Especially that "heavy fog"
look so unrealistic, trackside objects look so unrealistically...
too exposed, too bright. :S Tbh I don't know what Kunos guys have
been thinking, it took me just some 10-20 minutes to figure how
to overcome this. And if you think I exaggerate - take a look at
pictures I take at Hockenheim 1988 DTM track (at 11 and 10 AM time).
heavy fog comparision:
_04 heavy fog comparision.jpg

Pictures are named same as folders in "weather" folder so you'll
know which are from Kunos vanila version and which are mine.
I even include those four side by side comparision screens, for
your [re]viewing pleasure. :)
light fog comparision:
_03 light fog comparision.jpg

Istallation, you ask?
Easy peasy. Just unzip/put into proper folder.
IT WON'T overwrite anything!
(you can still choose all vanila weather themes by Kunos.
so, all in all, now you have 12 instead of just 7 themes)

gamer19 aka shnala

Latest updates

  1. now, finally, the Sun is not so bright on cloudy days! please use this version.

    1.2 check out (all new) comparison screens ! heavy clouds: First things first: YOU MUST...
  2. "Nordschleife far scenery turn black" bug is gone !!!

    It wasn't hard, tbh, basically I just move fog further from player, instead of "DISTANCE=200"...

Latest reviews

Looks good - thanks! :)
very nice
Thanks. It was one of the first (if not thew very first!) weather mod for AC and many other appear later and, I must say, done the job better. Thank you for your vote.
Perfect work, for the general I drive with the weather ''light clouds'' but is so darkness in game, this is an very good improve, thanks!
Too dark day as soon as you chose ANY cloudy weather is the actually reason why I start this mod. Then comes too bright scenery in fog mod and all the rest...
Anyway.... thank you for your vote.
Thanks for addressing the issue i brought up in my earlier post. the brightness has been rectified. 5/5 for you, good job. Have you tried out the 'Dynamic View 2 & 3 v1.1' that i created, it brings the tracks to life even more. Thanks again.
I haven't tried your mod but ONLY reason for that is that I don't use postprocessing (cuz I have old graphic card that isn't DX11 compatible - but I'm on a process of changing that), I even had to manualy edit some AC file to be able to play the game at all. But I sae the pics and I can tell you you've done a great job! ;)
Thanks for (altered:)) vote.
What a great weather mod ! Clouds ones are realy well done (and the others too !) Great work ;)
Thanks mate. Glad you like it.
Enjoy your cloudy weather. And the foggy too. :)
Good weather mod, nice improvement. I once saw a race at Spa in heavy fog but actually I couldn't see the cars anymore from the side of the track, it was so dense. It is not unrealistic, especially during endurance races at racetracks in the hills. What we now need is sudden rise and retreat of mist banks, but I guess that's too much to ask for? You've got skill and insight for (weather) modding, keep evolving.
I like heavy fog but some compromises need to be made. That bug you know...
If you like more fog, you can edit by yourself, it's not that hard - go to folder "14_shnala's_fog_2", open file "weather" and change line "DISTANCE=450" to ...something smaller. In v.1.0 it was 200. But you can go even lower... only your imagination is the limit. :D (but burry in mind that "far scenery turn black bug")
Changeable weather ? I don't think it's possible, for now at least, in AC. It's not up to me you know...
Thank you for your review and your feedback.
And THAT is how mods like that should work - ADDING new stuff to the game instead of overwriting existing data (by that I mean most custom post processing filters here).
I like the way you think. :)
Enjoy AND! make sure you download update. There's no more "far scenery (confirmed only on the Ring) turn black on heavy fog" bug!!!
Excellent! Your Cloud and Heavy Cloud settings are perfect, SO much better than default, the lighting is spot-on. Heavy Cloud setting combined with ov1 and BJL cloud textures, racing on Nordschleife... absolutely amazing!
Thanks for this detailed review mate!
Really glad you like it.
And, like I tell the others, I'll quote myself:
Make sure you download update. There's no more "far scenery (confirmed only on the Ring) turn black on heavy fog" bug!!!
I like this much pretty work.
Realistic improvement.
Thank you!
Thanks for your vote, glad you enjoy it.
Don't forget the update! ;)
thanks gamer19, makes the weather much clearer and nicer.
Thanks mate! ;)
Make sure you download update.
There's no more "far scenery (confirmed only on the Ring) turn black on heavy fog" bug!!!
This feels quite realistic to me. Great work :)
Thanks. Glad you like it. :)
Don't forget the update!
i like this weather
Me too! :D
That's why I made it.
Thank you.
Don't forget the update!
Great job ! The light fog is really fantastic !
Why no 5 stars ?
Just because, there is a problem with heavy fog with long distance objects. For example, in the Nord, the far mountains stay dark (no problem with the light fog).
Maybe you can improve this !
Thank you very much for you work and share ! Really !
Thank you for your vote.
The far object turn black bug is already reported, I'll see what I can do. In meantime use only clear and cloudly weather, I mean... how often they really race in the (heavy) fog, right? :D
Or race on short tracks. :)
Really like your fog settings. Much better then the original.
Thank you for making these!
Thanks mate. Glad you like it.
Look for updates.

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