Old Spanish Trail Highway Circuit

Old Spanish Trail Highway Circuit 1.1

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Old Spanish Trail Highway Circuit is fantasy track, based on real life location in Mojave desert, near the Old Spanish Trail Highway, hence the name of the track. You can check out the location's street view here. Background story is that circuit was made in late 1960s and abandoned right after the testing, so tarmac and basic safety barriers are in place. Other than that, not much else.
Track is great for racing, and suits well historic cars or anything with low grip and lots of power.

* Length 6313m
* Width 15-24m
* 30 pitboxes
* 2 DRS zones
* 3 replay camera sets - Drone, Ground and Static

*RECOMMENDATION* I suggest to drive after 18:00, when sun is going down, like in screen shot below. That creates the atmosphere I was aiming for. At noon desert might be too bright for you.

INSTALLATION: Content Manager - drop the .zip file on CM and it will install the mod.
Extract the .zip file to Assetto Corsa folder:


If you have white flickering in the mountains, here is a solution from one of users:

It is a shader patch 'problem' or rather because the far plane is set too low. Go to Shader patch settings in CM, find the Graphic Adjustments settings on the left, then the Far Plane settings. Set them to 35000, 40000 and the problem is solved. This might give you lower FPS though and so far it's the longest I have had to set that number.

Please don't post my track anywhere else!

I make this track in my spare time, often till late at night. If you enjoy the track and want to buy me a coffee, use the button below. Thanks!

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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.1 - Additional layout

  2. 1.0.7 - Grass FX support

    * Grass FX support. I left the old grass in too because it's mostly small bushes that grow in...
  3. Skidmark fix

    There was a bug with Shader Patch - some skidmarks were completely black, so I changed the material.

Latest reviews

This is really good and unique, love it.
Just got a chance to try the latest update. I forgot how much fun this track is. The Trial layout is challenging, ai a little wonky, but I'm a huge fan of the Classic layout anyways. Really good job, eg01st.
This is a beautiful track! Indeed, great for classics and at sunset the atmosphere is just wonderful!
Lots of potential, it's a well made track and a nice layout, but with car set I've tried the AI consistently crashes into the barriers at chicanes. Fix that and it's fun, but right now it's not raceable.
Thanks for trying out the track!
If you are talking about the secondary layout with tight chicanes and concrete barriers, it's made for hotlapping or AI track day at best. It is really tight and even for human with narrow field of view can be difficult at first.
There is only one tight line to take the corner, and I don't know if there is a way to prevent AI from trying to cut the corner.
Original fast layout was meant for AI racing and should be used for it. The slow layout is just for fun hotlapping, like and obstacle course, and testing out car's handling.
Top notch track here!
error with content view log for details
Great track, and the trial version is fantastic.
Whaou !
The track is one of my favourite :
Perfect bilboards, replay cams wonderful and some very beautiful details around the track.
But :
- Each out of track try provide a penalty. Totally unfair because it's quite impossible to cut a corner.
- I still don't understand How and author could provide a track with an error in the Json file ? I have to fix it by myself ! And when i saw people asking they have same bugs, the authors answer they have to read the comment, without explaining them you to solve it ! That's the reason why i substract 1 star

Going out of bounds counts as cutting in any circuit if it provides an advantage. Leaving track on corner exit lets you have more speed on entry, and since this is very wide and very fast track, I don't see why I should allow people to drive out of bounds.

About json - if thousands of people including myself have no problems or errors, there is clearly something wrong with user's installation, CM updates etc. There is solution in support section, and my "the authors answer they have to read the comment" was to a user who jumps straight to review with his problem without looking at support section or asking for help. Quit unfair to ruin rating of a mod that I, just like other creators here, give out for free.
Can't believe I've never rated this. Love this track and glad to see you still updating it and adding new layouts. Top job :)
This is a great track for testing high-speed behavior (or lack thereof). Thanks!
I get the following too: ERROR Track: osth_circuit Invalid array passed in, extra trailing ','. (229): {
"name": "Old Spanish Trail Highway Circuit",
"description": "Old Spanish Trail Highway",
How many times I have to tell people to look at support section?
Good work! All works good. Replay tv cam very improvable. Thanks.
Thanks! I will add Grass FX soon and make some more interesting sets of ground TV cams.
Thank you!
Great track and great updates - thanks!
The spiky mountains are no more!
Great work... and thanks for the update too. Love the drone camera shot!
Thanks again for the update. I love the track!
I'm rating this a 5 stars as much for the ongoing quality of this circuit as for the imagination in creating it. It is redolent of the Carrera Pan Americana and it is perfect for classic sports cars.

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