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OSD Transparency Options 1.0

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These modded files use transparent textures (and xml commenting-out characters) to allow for a less distracting, and overall better racing experience in F1 2012!

See screenshots (.png-picture files) in the (after unzipping) See_through_OSD_Invisible_Quick_Menu and See_through_OSD_Transparent_Quick_Menu folders for how the screen can look like with the Position, Lap, and Swipe box (Temperature, Warning & Pitstop, Information) OSD options turned ON.

Samples for INVISIBLE Quick Menu:




The d_osd.pssg files in the respective frontend folders render all on-track/in-pitlane Quick Menu items either invisible in one folder, or just have their text 'background textures' opacity properties modded to 0% in the other.

Samples for Transparent Quick-Menu BACKGROUNDS:




More detailed descriptions and instructions on how to install this mod are provided in the Read_me.txt files in every folders of the .zip package. Read them attentively for more informations.Always backup your files before installing any new ones. Copies of the original game files are provided in the Original_Files_Backups folder. ---------------------------------------------------------------------->
EDIT NOTE: Just realized there's a mistake in the Read_me file of the See_through_OSD_Transparent_Quick_Menu folder: The Instructions lines should read like the following:

1-- Instructions to install ALL these OSD Transparency Options:
Copy both the frontend and Osd folders of this See_through_OSD_Transparent_Quick_Menu folder into the Steam/steamapps/common/f1 2012 folder.

2-- Instructions to KEEP the displaying of both the graphical FLAGs and FASTEST LAPs on the middle-top section of the screen:
Copy just the frontend folder of this See_through_OSD_Transparent_Quick_Menu folder into the Steam/steamapps/common/f1 2012 folder.
Special thanks to everybody involved in making Ryder's tools, to Race Department, and to RD member @NeoStuey for his initial hard work into finding how to make this mod, and for his generous explanations about how he did it first, last year around this time.

More personalized options can (or cannot) be made by specifying them in this thread.

NOTE: Not tested in any online racing situations. Feedback welcome about if all players need to have the same files.

Enjoy & HNY 2014!!

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