Panis Racing ELMS 2022 LMP2 - Oreca 07 #65

Panis Racing ELMS 2022 LMP2 - Oreca 07 #65 1.0

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Livery of Panis Racing from the 2022 ELMS.

[For getting access to it, you need to open the ELMS 2022 folder in the Oreca 07 menu]

For installation, follow the next route in your disk.
(X:\Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor2\Installed\Vehicles\Oreca 07\X.XX) Being X.XX the lastest version available.

You will have to move the .MAS file to the new version if the car has been updated.

So close to complete the whole grid.

I hope you like it!

Link to the pack with all the ELMS skins:


Latest updates

  1. Arrow

    - Added missing arrow in the hub cap

Latest reviews

Great work and thank you for sharing.
Vielen Dank! Prima
José Mª
José Mª
Keine Ursache!
Looks brilliant in game. Great job mate.
José Mª
José Mª
Thank you so much!
Thank you
José Mª
José Mª
Your welcome!
Top quality as always, 3 to go.
José Mª
José Mª
Thank you Thomas, can't wait for the BHK skin!

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