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Peyregrosse-Mandagout by JCRR 1.0

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Here is my first official track. I was absolute beginner in modding. Just make a test with another track from Cévennes, but never shared it...

Surely, you know I was disappointed by liberties with the original take by models authorized to convert in RBR and AC. So you can see the original work, with old materials and technical but "authentique"....

As for Ronde Cévenole, you must apply 4GBpatch to GTL!

As I was beginner, Thierry du 81 help me to resolve a lot of issues with lightning, AIW, textures etc.... So his name was associated in the title of the track. He don't built anything, but without him, the track couldn't be available!

enjoy it!

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Awesome work ;)

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