[PHYSICS] 1966 Jaguar XJ13 (S0 & S1) data + CSP extension & color pack

[PHYSICS] 1966 Jaguar XJ13 (S0 & S1) data + CSP extension & color pack 1.99

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@aphidgod - physics, paint
@AlleyViper - CSP extension file & bug fixes
@mantasisg - original 3d model
@iRacer5 - original sound design

It's time this car got an update for modern AC. I've learned some new tricks since 2017 plus obviously CSP is a thing now and the autoguessing was causing a few issues with the old girl... so with AlleyViper's seemingly inexhaustible willingness to help we've done what we can to bring her up to 2020 specification.

Physics have been given a complete working over. The bones were actually quite good despite being one of my first cars (the power of real data) but I've kitted it out with all of our latest features: fins for yaw drag, recalculated brakes with an LUT for the hydraulic proportioning valve, new inertias, tweaked suspension setup and completely overhauled tires. I also tidied up the setup options a bit, reset most of the F6 cameras and fixed a couple of annoying UI and log errors. I'm still waffling a bit on a few things, mostly in the tires, hence v1.99 and not v2.0... I'm open to feedback there.

On the CSP side there's been a total overhaul of the lighting, new paint shaders (the metallics... OMG the metallics) and a couple of little quality of life tweaks to a material here and a shader there. Once again, despite its age the bones here were quite good. Note that we can only do so much with this kind of non-invasive surgery - the wipers still don't work, for example, and there are a few other things that could only be further improved by changing the model itself - but that's up to Mantas. It's not ours to modify.

I've also gone ahead and updated all of the paint colors from my skins pack to work with the new paint shaders - rather than update that resource separately I've decided to just bundle it all into this one, so that one is now deprecated. There might still be some wonkiness in a few colors here and there or in this weather or that, so I'm also open to feedback here.

First of all this update is not a complete car, so if you don't already have the XJ13 itself, go get it! It's not hosted at RD anymore but it is still publicly available. Please head over to the forum at assettocorsamods.net and download v1.0 there. :thumbsup:

Once you have the car installed, start by deleting the data, skins, texture, ui and sfx folders from both versions. (Note that there are no updates to the soundbank or textures themselves, but I did remove some unnecessary files that were taking up disk space in v1.0. More extraneous files were removed from several of the skins as well. You'll have a smaller & cleaner install with no risk of version mismatches if you do it this way.)

WIth that taken care of, simply drag the contents of this archive into your assettocorsa root folder and select "yes" to overwrite when prompted.




Latest reviews

Can't believe I never reviewed this - a legitimate upgrade to what was already a masterpiece - I don't remember what the change felt like, I just recall it being very good! Thank you
I am just in the process of re-discovering this car. What a masterpiece (unfinished though it may have been)! Thank you for bringing it back to life.
Perfect creature! Thanks for sharing!
Which track is the fourth picture, please?
Cheers, thanks. =)

Track is "Monaco Faux '72" ... it's out there, but per RD rules you'll have to hunt it down yourself.
Love this car so an update for it is amazing. Only wish there were some racing liveries for it then it would be perfect.
Thank you
This is a terrific update to an outstanding mod. The physics of the original car were tricky to get a handle on but it could be done. The new physics feel so much better. It is now much easier to get a feel for the car and I will get some fresh enjoyment out of it. I agree the tires are a little questionable. I might experiment with those myself. Thank you.
Cheers man, glad you're enjoying. I don't think the tires are far off, I do think they might need a bit more overall load sensitivity. I did some things differently in the Lola tires that I should probably apply to these.
Thank you soo much updating my most favourite mod in the entire game!!!
Loved this car before. Now its even better!
Amazing work. Thamk you!

Thanks for sharing! if you were to do any further updates, the steering and shift animations could be improved
Fantastic !
I just tried this out :)
It's bloody great! Excellent. Thank you to all involved for bringing us this significant update.
And Aphidgod: your physics is always so good. Everything you touch handles wonderfully.
Fab update
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! I can now push the car with a lot of confidence. Base setup is a bit on the understerry side, but it's all good with a little damper and ARB tuning. My lap times at Silverstone 67 are now a close match with the 330P4 which is also a great news. It will see a lot of action on my end for sure.
Gracias =)
Awsome. Would be great if your T70s got the same treatment :)
Thanks!!! I am happy with this update as the car was very good and still deserved love

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