Pinwheel Circuit

Pinwheel Circuit 2.1.2

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IMPORTANT: New installers - no issue, just download and install track as per any other. However, If you are updating to 2.1 and have a previous version installed, please replace the whole pinwheel folder in ..\content\tracks, removing any trace of the old one. This is due to the new layout and change in naming which AC and/or CM seems to struggle with! Thank you to @taylorwallace9 and @Perico Lospa for bringing this to my attention (see discussion).


(Updated for 2.0.0)
Pinwheel Circuit is a 5.6km layout designed with flow in mind and fun to drive for high speed cars, particularly single seaters. As of version 2.0, a short layout at 2.9km is also included. Based around a power generation theme (old and new), the track has a high resolution physical mesh, GrassFX, Lights, Pit sounds, fast and competitive AI, cams, animations and 32 pit boxes. The track is optimised for performance; a conscious attempt to account for my own admittedly average hardware but hopefully not to spoil immersion too much for those with better systems than me.

Track overview:
Onboard by @rambokim (thank you):

All the object meshes are bespoke and made from scratch - it has taken a while! I do this mostly for fun and have burnt many hours (on things like designing pylons).

If you would like a challenge, some recommended cars to test with and my record times so far (as of v1.0):
  • Ferrari F2004 - 1:25.554
  • Formula Hybrid 2022 - 1:27.297
  • VRC Formula Alpha 2007 - McLenna MC22 - 1:27.326
  • Lotus Exos 125 Stage 1 - 1:31.549
  • Porsche 919 Hybrid 2016 - 1:39.322
  • Toyota TS040 Hybrid 2014 - 1:41.361
  • Tatuus FA01 - 1:57.020
A very special mention to the good people at, in particular: Luchian, Maruto, Sam Dale, fughettaboutit, Johnr777, Gunnar333, JrC, Brandydo and Mr Whippy. I was completely new to this a year ago and could not have made anything without this excellent resource. You can find my journey and their input here, I am eternally grateful:

Additional thanks to: Mascot, Fanapryde, Jonah Hax, rmi_wood, twobegreen and Shane Pitkin, for their help and feedback here on racedepartment during the past few months before finally reaching v1.0. Apologies if I have missed anyone.

Track layout:

Crossover Suspension bridge:

Departing Bo-Bardi hairpin:
bo bardi praga.jpg



'Short' layout tunnel exit:

Koolhaas: Hairpin

Grid detail:

pit entry:

Finally, although I own the copyright, the track is free and will remain free. If in doubt, it is released under the GNU General Public Licence in order for it to remain free to the community. If you wish to use any objects in your own projects of course I'd be happy to share!

Thanks again for all the support from the community, I hope you enjoy a race or two on the track.

John Harding (je5).

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Latest reviews

SO beautifull
Thanks @Mandableu
Quality track, tough to get right and looks stunning at night, Je5 is a beautiful person for this track!
Thanks for the kind words Garrington.
Love the annual update, thank you xD
Great track. Only problem I have is on the short track, the car vanishes in part of the tunnel in the tv cam replay. Other than that, awesome...
Thanks! Will have a look again at the short cams for this year's release.
I love this track! Super fun, and I love the little details like the covered set of turns, the functioning roller coaster, and the way the bridge frames the starting line.
Thanks inesg. It's a little bit bumpier through the covered turns to give more of a challenge with setup for the short layout.
very fun track. the amount of details is really cool especially for the rollercoaster and the "Wall of Champions" listing the F1 world champions.
Thanks Jeremie. That reminds me, I will have to update that wall soon again.
Top notch work.
Awesome track, really really fun, great job!
Thank you.
Downloaded and it's really fun, I also put it on my public server to use with radical! Always keep it updated. I have used it with Pure and have not encountered any problems apart from the rain passing through the covered part. If it can be fixed it would be perfect. Great job in any case.
Nice! Yes works well with the radical! Thanks for info too. I did change the material in that portion and didn't include it in the RainFX soaking material list, however it sounds like it didn't work in this instance. I'll try using a track occluder box instead in the ext_config file. It'll be a very minor release when Max wins the championship (and I update the wall of champions), so I'll include that too.
Quel travail ! Super plaisant à conduire, très bonnes sensations, les détails sont extras.
Un grand merci pour le partage.

What work ! Super pleasant to drive, very good sensations, the details are extra.
Thank you so much for sharing.
Thanks, it's a smooth surface but with some detail that should hopefully come through.
excellent travail vraiment excellent ! le nombre de détails qu'il y a dans ce mod est fantastique ! même la montagne russe est active c'est super. Les videos sont bien réalisées et particulièrement en sorti de virage bravo ! Le ressenti au volant est d'un réalisme incroyable et pour ça aussi bravo. Bref, félicitation pour cette merveille et merci pour le partage.

excellent work really excellent! the amount of detail in this mod is fantastic! even the roller coaster is active it's great. The videos are well done and especially when coming out of a turn, congratulations ! The feeling behind the wheel is incredibly realistic and for that too, congratulations. In short, congratulations for this marvel and thank you for sharing.
Pleased you enjoy it. Thanks for noticing the detail, there are a few easter eggs about the map if you want to try and find them.
This is absolutely brilliant work. The layout, the graphical quality, everything comes together. This is the kind of work that makes modders get jobs in the industry. Thank you so much.
Ha, I wish :)
Absolutely fantastic track, and incredibly well done map/ environment. Fictional tracks usually don't do much for me, but this is really fun to drive especially with such an immersive environment.
Thanks for the kind words.
Short Layout not Working Car is in a small area no track to drive on locked ouT of Track
1 star, ok. Would you be able to give some more detail in the discussion so that I can help? I've never heard of this happening from anyone else.

I've just deleted the track folder myself and tested it again from the zip and everything is fine, so I am struggling to know how to solve whatever issue you are having without anymore detail. Thanks.
So many good fictional tracks die due to lack of follow up after their initial release. Thank you for listening to community feedback and upgrading the experience. This is a Top 5 fictional track for AC.
Best track...
Thanks Iwan.
Great attention to detail. One of the must have fictional tracks.
Thank you :)
WOW WOW WOW, It's probably the most exciting racetrack I've ever driven on. What a great job! I've regularly followed the improvements you've made, but without being able to help as I'm not at all competent in this field. The overall quality of the track is so exemplary that it's hard to find fault with it. The track, the scenery, everything seems to have been done by a professional, I'm impressed, and an admirative.
All this to say that I thank you for all the time you've spent so that we can all enjoy flirting with the limits, thank you very much !
Thank you for the kind words, much appreciated. Pleased that you enjoy it! As I maybe mentioned before, I see it similar to making a model railway in your loft, but instead of it being hidden away its something you can share with thousands of other people. I think that the sharing aspect appeals to many modders.
Excellent work!
This is one of those few very high quality, incredibly well done mods that any aspiring modder have to have as exemple to follow.

Thank you again.
Thanks Perico, I learnt everything on the assettocorsamods site, still much to learn to be honest. There are some amazing modders out there, much better than me!

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