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Porsche Carrera Cup Porsche Carrera Cup 1.30

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I have converted this rfactor mod to GSC. Used with 540 degrees rotation with 23 degree lock.

File is in rar format so just extract the gamedata file to your GSC installation. Force feedback should be ready to race (Very Good FFB).



Latest updates

  1. Realfeel description update

    This is just a small update to the realfeel descriptions so all the skins/cars have one realfeel...
  2. Own Section in GSC Extreme for races & championships

    This organises the Porsche Carrera Cup into its own section in GSC.
  3. Full Realfeel Integration

    This is an update to fully integrate the realfeel plugin. The code is cracked for this...

Latest reviews

I like it a lot! I didn't care for it much in RF1, but this is some really good work!
Very good! Sim Porsche that actually drives like I would imagine a car like this to be driven.
My favorite touring mod. Great cockpit, good looking cars, love to drive wheel to wheel. Thanks a lot.
top mod
Fantastic Mod to drive thank you! these porches are almost too easy to chuck around they handle so well!
Fantastic.... Thanks!
Gorgeous! Thx!
all it needs is the reiza shaders and its the best mod for gsc!
very Fun ! thank you.
Love this mod, thank you. Can't see out of my mirrors though but still great job
Simply outstanding.
It's an absolute pleasure to play this mod thank you.
This was the very first mod I downloaded for GSCE, and still one of my favorites. Thank you!
Many thanks, very good conversion
Top notch Paul! (All your mods are!!) Thanks!!!!!

PS - I've DL'ed all your MODS and across the board they ROCK! Thanks soooo much for adding to the awesomeness of this sim!
Thanks Lou, appreciate the comments. I am just trying to do the original mod justice, and make it something I would want to use in GSC.
Thx ALOT for the updates. :)
Multi reviews mate! Must be doing something right. Thanks.
Super great mod, thak u <3
Excellent mod. Great work :)
Very good Mod, Thank You :)
Outstanding conversion. Feels perfect, and not too much camera shake. Thanks

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