Predator Racing Group pack for RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 by Mathias

Predator Racing Group pack for RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 by Mathias 1.0

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Hello all, I'm back and I'm presenting to you a skin based on the fictional racing team from Motorsport Manager that is Predator Racing Group, the Australian backmarker that tries to make it's name in the European Racing Series in the game.

Motorsport Manager background :

Predator start a new career as the new boys in the European Racing Series, devoid of experience and major funding, leading to a close knit team. Yet, the team are identified as having fantastic potential, with young drivers and staff all having the potential to develop.

Included in this pack are
-The skin (of course)

The drivers are

Ines Santa Ana (ARG) N°93
William Evans (AUS) N°19

Enjoy !

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