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Project Touge 0.6

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Hello everyone!

Project Touge -
is massive 48km lenght free roam track , designed to drift and to be run online 24/7! The goal of project is to provide exellent online drift sessions with big variaty of routes and scenarios.

There is few cool spots on map you should visit! I tryed to made this track look good and run smooth on most PC. This track include 3D trees and high quality textures.
20170929212159_1.jpg 20170929211934_1.jpg 20170929211957_1.jpg 20170929212126_1.jpg 20170929212044_1.jpg 20170929211812_1.jpg 20170929145235_1.jpg


Ver.0.6 includes 2 versions of track + 1 special version.

Full version is same as previous versions and have spawn point at top of the mountain at research center parking lot.

Full garden start version is same, but it has spawn point at the bottom of the mountain near Sakura Garden.

No 3D trees version - it is special version without 3D trees as suggested) I decide to add this one , so people can test their performance hit with and without 3D trees. It is include 3D sakuras on track.

v.06: Initial releace on Race Department.
-Added 3D trees and sakuras
-Power line added
-New road shader and texture.
-New structures added
-New spawn point near Sakura garden added
-Minor fixes

Known issues - removed bushes, will remake those completly.
-No Ai line.
-No replay cameras.

Here is old version preview video:
This track is still in Beta stage!
Many things need further work, lots of stuff need to be added, some areas empty and overall this track need more details.

Every 3D mesh was made in 3DS MAX by myself, same as all textures was made in PS and Substance Designer.

I finally decided that my track is worth to upload to race department, it is still in beta stage, still need tons of stuff to do, but it can provide some fun to you guys!

This track was made by me firstly for rFactor but never been finished or even drivable. I have completely remade everything for Assetto Corsa. Many people already can be familiar with this one , but finally i made new update to 0.52 version and now it could be used by everyone. I'm aware of performance issues caused by 3D trees. It is probably AC engine fault cause even Kunos 3D trees located at their track make a huge FPS hit when camera is close to the tree.

I hope you will enjoy my work!
Have fun!
And if you do enjoy this track and want to buy me a beer or simply make some donation, i will very appretiate this! I spent tons of hours to make this track from scratch. Here is a link to if you want to make donation:

Latest reviews

Yo this is cool as ****
By far my favorite map to cruise on. I host a public server with it just because its even better with more people. Looking forward to more updates in the future!
Unbelievable. the best map I have. It is SO good for drifting- and the size and the very intresting roads make it even better. Well done.
You receive 250mb of my ssd give or take, i receive $h2t ton of fun. Just keep up developing minor or major upgrades. 10/10
Go to track for testing new cars and having fun. Amazing job mate, love it!
The free roam track i needed :D THANKS
Simply stunning, a must-have
i love it not enought free roam track on this game so ty for making a drift one
Nice idea but making it... I think that roads are too wide and it doesn't look realistic at all. But it's worth to try
How do i play this map with a friend?
Just like any other track online, It's no difference :)
Really fun track loads of roads to drift and chill on awesome.
cheer up !
Awesome map, a hell of a lot of fun for me and my friends to tandem. Authentic street feeling too... Really excited to see where this one goes...
i would have happily bought this track
Thank you for the joy! The mod looks good and runs smooth indeed. Only request is to make the "No 3D trees" course really only with regular textures so the custom shaders patch can move them all with the wind.
AMAZING!!! If I only could get replay cameras to it, that would be super!
nice work:)
Best map to learn anticipation and drift

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