Provence Alps: RainFX, Seasons, and GrassFX

Provence Alps: RainFX, Seasons, and GrassFX 0.1

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Custom Shader Patch config for the track Provence Alps. You now have winter, autumn rain, and a beautiful grass.

You can install it by enabling it as a mod or by unzipping inside your assetto corsa installation.

Some More details about this:

  • without Content Manager and CSP, this won't work
  • for seasons, you must set the date of the season you wan't in Content Manager (it's not a skin). For example, set the date in january or february to have winter.
  • rain: rainfx must be enabled in CSP config. you must have the patreon version of CSP, it's not public for now
  • lights: they were already here. They are visible during the night. I have tried to add some more inside the tunnel.
  • grass: grassfx must be enabled in CSP config. Due to a bug, their color are not sync with the ground when it's raining (too bright). I hope this would be fixed sometimes by CSP.

Help / feedback welcome. If it's appreciated, I may submit this configuration to the CSP team so it can be merged and automatically downloaded by the community.

The author has been contacted and this config may be included in the track later ...


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This really helps to improve the track! Can only hope to see more great resources from you in the future.
Thank you! If you see things I could improve, don't hesitate to report it.

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