Racing Life - AMS 2 Career Mode Companion App

Racing Life - AMS 2 Career Mode Companion App v1.9a

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Racing Life is a Career Mode Companion App mod for Reiza´s Racing title Automobilista 2.

Mod Features:

  • Create your own driver with different types of Backstories
  • Progress in your Racing Life by getting Money, Fame and Experience
  • Buy or Lease Cars to participate in different types of racing competitions
  • Manage your Money and Finances. Get Loans from the Bank
  • Get Sponsored
  • Track your Racing Statistics and Earned Trophies
  • Race against Real World Drivers with Custom AI Rosters for the major competitions
  • Manage your Racing Schedule the way you want and participate in the races you want in an Yearly Calendar format
  • From Go-Kart racing to DTM, WEC and Formula 1. Climb to the top of the Motorsport World



  • Download the RacingLife.rar
  • Run RacingLifeInstaller.msi. Dont install Racing Life under Program Files!
  • For more info on the instalation, please check the User Manual
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Latest updates

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  2. Racing Life v1.8 Update

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  3. Racing Life v1.7 Update

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Latest reviews

TOP !!
Update to a review

After playing with the mod for some hours I noticed that there is a big factor, Fame. It is basically amount of the skill or experience you have as you progress. It blends really well and totally makes sense as it is differently distributed among the events. As a bonus point the driver is allowed to skip its requirement by paying an additional fee. It is an awesome idea I have not see in any similar game. It allows you to go with a completely different path, breaking the linearity.

Additional nice to have:
+ Events change after the season. Running the same event will cover slightly different tracks.
Would be nice to see some other changes per event, like slight change in rewards (money, fame, ...)
+ Introduction of two races per weekend on the same track, Race 1 and Race 2. Like seen in Indycar or other series.

Great mod bringing many more fun hours to the game! :D

Nice little tool to get some role play into the dreary everyday life of a sim racer.
Unfortunately only 4 out of 5 stars.
Because identifying the race tracks has to be done manually by me.
It would be nicer if this tool automatically showed which race tracks I have in the AMS2 folder.
Great mod!
Definitely changes the way we can approach the game!
Any chances to see mod cars and tracks implemented?
Awesome mod! Great addition to an already perfect game!

This is actually a standalone app (not a mod) that guides you through the career as a race driver using the images, tracks, and cars from Automobilista 2.
There are few options available to choose from the start, mainly around your background. Events are given as a calendar entry throughout the year. Each event can give you money or fame, depending on your success. Cars can be bought or leased, though I found the latter a bit easy too progress further.

Nice to have (further improvements):
- Multiple active sponsors. Maybe introduction of general, major, and minor sponsors.
- More expressed consequences for not fulfilling sponsor contracts, penalties or similar.
- Amortization for maintenance. Cost for fuel, travel, spare parts.
- More races to choose from an active month. Maybe more diversity so we do not enter same races throughout different months [might be implemented].
- More available races from stock game (non DLC). Reuse of all standard tracks (not during the same month) [might be implemented].
- Randomized races. As rules and and events change during the year to have randomized number of laps (e.g., +-2), number of events (for a single championship)

All in all a great mod. Without it I would never try some of the cars and tracks :D.
This is awesome, makes playing offline/against AI so much more engaging. Give it a go if you want an engaging career against AI
It crashes when I select a circuit as if I have it and after clicking it it crashes
Hello. That is because you have installed Racing Life under Program Files. It is stated in the game manual and in the game installed not to do it. Please installed under another drive or for example directly in the desktop or in another drive
Very good. It makes the game a lot more fun, but I have a few suggestions... 1: We pay not only for the car, but also for maintenance, wheels, fuel, mechanics, flights... You can add an additional expense item. 2: More trophies, I love the gt 4 class and it's a little disappointing that I don't get a trophy for winning the championship.
Sorry for my English, it's not my native language.
Thank you!
App is really good as a career manager! For new users, please keep in mind this app runs as a sort of "tabletop" career mode which tells you what to race in and how to set your next championship, to then write your results in it. It does NOT interface with game files!

Only things I think the app could use are:
- some form of "filtering" or sorting championships you can currently join by fame
- a few historic F1 championships would be a blast :D
- Please add "Location" name in the championship setups! Since there's only the track variant currently, some of them have completely different names than the location, and you're forced to check them all out to see which one has the variant under that name.

Thank you for this cool external app! It's making me try cars and circuits that otherwise I would not even think to try. :D
App constantly crashes when creating new career or enabling DLC tracks.
Hello. That is because you have installed Racing Life under Program Files. It is stated in the game manual and in the game installed not to do it. Please installed under another drive or for example directly in the desktop
Absolutely love this! Would recommend it hands down to anybody that wants a realistic career mode. Only reason for 4/5 stars would be I feel the lack of calendar accuracy and length. Now I know not every track for every series is there and idk if each calendar is random from year to year but it would be nice if each higher tier series had a few more races and consistency to the calendar. Best examples would be 1 - Supercar Series, it's australian and doesnt include either aussie track in the game that both are used in the real life calendar and one of those is Bathurst. How can bathurst not be included in the calendar. 2 - Indycar only has 8 rounds, it does include majority american rounds which is perfect but its also got some overseas rounds so thats not a barrier, just increase the round count to like 12-13, make it feel abit more like youve got to actually commit to the season for the championship and not just turn up for a few races. 3 - Formula 1, Yes its calendar selection is perfect but its still only 10 rounds for what is supposed to be the "pinnacle" like surely the calendar should be like 15+. I see no suzuka for example but its included jerez?? like I just dont see logic in any of these and I'm sure there are more, these are just 3 big examples. Otherwise an absolutely incredible add-on for ams2 and i am loving it! Just please make these feel abit more accurate and engageable. Its kind of disappointing as an australian to see theres a supercars championship and no bathurst or adelaide when they're in the game.
THE BEST add on for AMS2 no contest! Something many of us have wanted for a long time. Every detail about this (amount of money, track/car selections, etc..) has been thought out and it really forces you to make choices about how you want to build your career. I have this same application for RaceRoom so now I'm stuck trying to figure out which sim to spend more time on lol.
Thanks for the feedback. A Hint, you can actually progress the career on both Sims. Just make sure to move your Savedgame folder from one Racing Life Folder to the other and you can progress your career
Great mod, has me playing AMS2 a lot more
Thank you!
This is awesome! Really helps give an extra reason for playing Automobilista 2. Would love to see the ability to change the amount events in the series. Almost like having the ability to create your own calendar for each series.
This made me want to play AMS2 a lot more. Literally the only con is that you have to setup the championships yourself, with how the AMS2 interface works, which is good but not too straight-forward.
brilliant work.... Ich really love to play it. Reiza should cooperate with u and maybe built in a good career mode according to yours in this great game....

I startet from the beginning and experienced a variety of so far by myself unknown cars and tracks in the game... really great stuff...

I play at 100 % opponent strength and it is really a challenge to move on in the career.

Thx Bro.....
Danke dir! =) Genieß es und viel spaß =D
Excellent, AMS2 is so much better with this addon. Thank you. My only wish is that I could race GT3, GT3 and GTE or DPI against in a multi class championship.
Thanks for the feedback! =) Keep enjoying AMS2 and Racing Life! =)
Well i had high hopes picked a car and race and nothing happens im sure i goofed somewhere but got close
Hey. Ill be happy to help you. Can you describe in detail what happened? You got a car and tried to register to a championship that uses the same car?
I update following instructions but crashes at the time of update the tracks....
Hey! You have to make sure to not install Racing Life under Program files. Anywhere else will do, like desktop, or some other drive etc. Let me know if it helped

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