Racing Life Raceroom - Career Mode Companion App

Racing Life Raceroom - Career Mode Companion App v1.5

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Racing Life is a Career Mode Companion App mod for Raceroom.

Mod Features:

  • Create your own driver with different types of Backstories
  • Progress in your Racing Life by getting Money, Fame and Experience
  • Buy or Lease Cars to participate in different types of racing competitions
  • Manage your Money and Finances. Get Loans from the Bank
  • Get Sponsored
  • Track your Racing Statistics and Earned Trophies
  • Manage your Racing Schedule the way you want and participate in the races you want in an Yearly Calendar format
  • From Formula Junior racing to DTM, WEC and Formula 1. Climb to the top of the Motorsport World




  • Download the RacingLife.rar
  • Run RacingLifeInstaller.msi. Dont install Racing Life under Program Files!
  • For more info on the instalation, please check the User Manual

Latest updates

  1. Racing Life v1.5 Release

    Important Notes!: First uninstall the v1.4 version manually, before proceeding with the...
  2. Racing Life v1.4 Update

    Important Notes!: First uninstall the v1.3 version manually, before proceeding with the...
  3. Racing Life v1.3.1 Update

    Change Log: - Competitions database tweaks

Latest reviews

I have little to no experience with rre. In fact, I have no experience sim racing really. However, this mod is an amazing addon, and I look forward to seeing where it progresses from here!
Hi ,
Can you use this app to set specific strengths or skills for each individual AI? Because I would like one or two AIs to be a little faster (or slower) than the others.
Really loving this. It actually made me reinstall RRE again and start playing. Does this have random events like driver injury requiring you to miss the next X rounds?

I'm only in January of my first season, but I have to ask. I know there is an AMS2 version, but are you going to port it to Project cars 2 as well? Would really love that as I like PC2 better then RRE.

If so, will there be predetermined weather for each round? would love that. Regardless of answer 5 out of 5 and thank you so much for making this. Would highly recommend!
Great app! I think it's great, but why is the app missing half of the cars from RR? Example: I registered for a "DTM Trophy" event, and when I went to pick a car, the DTM badges are not there (about 30+ others are missing as well). If I don't have the car bought or leased, the START button is greyed out. I own every car and track in RR so that shouldn't be the issue.
DTM Thropy uses any GTR4 cars. In the competition page you can see which cars it uses
What a wonderful application! For me this completely changes RaceRoom and gives me a purpose there. This is for all of us "offline" players who like to race against the AI instead of online. This application is very well done. What I mean is that lots of thought has been put into the data, the amount of money, the cars and tracks, types of races, how the races are set up. You need to decide how and where to take your career. You can start out as a "poor" driver with a small budget, having to earn your way up by racing a lot of the smaller unknown locations, or you can jump in as a rich person who has money to blow and wants to buy his/her way in. I have this for both RaceRoom and AMS2. Now I have two careers going lol! Would love to see automatic integration into the sim (forces the game to load up a specific track, etc.,) but that's really not necessary. It is sort of the "honor" system when it comes to reporting your race results.
Great app, defenitaly improves the gameplay for singleplayer mode. However, some people hadn't bought the premium pack, so some players do not have the tracks on their account. Is there a possibility to create some sort of panel before the creation of the save where you can pick which tracks you have like in the AMS 2 version?
Thanks for the kind words :) For Raceroom i decided to take the dlc track configurator feature because pretty much all raceroom content is bought. If the user does not own a track suggested by Racing Life, he can swap it by another track already owned.
Thanks to this application I discovered how cool the AI in Raceroom is.
It is! Adaptinve Ai is very good and challenging.
I watched DDF Racers Videos and was happy to see this App for Raceroom as well. I really like it! It gives this Sim more depth and i drive Car and Track Combos which i don´t usually choose. Thanks a lot for this gem!
Thanks for the feedback. Raceroom Adaptive AI also works wonders with something life Racing Life!

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