Raybrig Team Kunimitsu #100 - 2020 Super GT Season | Honda NSX-GT FR GT500/URD JT5 SNX 2021

Raybrig Team Kunimitsu #100 - 2020 Super GT Season | Honda NSX-GT FR GT500/URD JT5 SNX 2021 1.0

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It's finally done! The "almost" complete livery is now ready to consume!

Here's the Raybrig Team Kunimitsu livery from their championship-winning 2020 Super GT season for the amazing URD JT5 SNX 2021 a.k.a. Honda NSX-GT FR GT500 (NC1), driven by Naoki Yamamoto & Tadasuke Makino.


Driver suit, helmet and gloves are all included in the package.

Extract the ZIP file into assettocorsa/content/cars/urd_jt5_snx_2021/skins
Enjoy! :thumbsup:


Credits :
United Racing Design (car & livery template)
AlexLiveryHouse (Bridgestone tire texture)
Rebellion765 (Super GT numberplate template)
Michael Doherty (driver suit template)
Hoksu (Alpinestars Tech1 ZX V3 gloves)

Latest updates

  1. Final 1.0 update

    It's finally here. I know that there's still missing things like the chrome blue thingy on the...
  2. Quick fix for issue with black windows on cockpit view

    - Updated the Glass.dds file with a new alpha layer to remove black windows on cockpit view
  3. The quest for the blue

    All this time I thought it was purple.... - Changed the main color to "maximum" blue - Design...

Latest reviews

Great livery , one of the best for this car. What track is that in the final preview photo if I can ask?
Thank you! Have fun with this lovely skin. Is it possible to add the "NEW ERA" logo that should be on the top of the wing mirror?
Thank you so much for figuring that out, had wasted some time trying to figure it out myself.
It'll be updated tomorrow :D
amazing skin thank you
Really nice skin. To me, it looks a lot more purple then in your photos. I was wondering if my settings were off. But tried with a few different filters and yup, purple. Maybe my color perception is off lol
Wonderful! I respect you! Is the update last? Will there be a chrome blue addition for the front fender?
I don't think I will add the chrome blue bits on the front since I don't have enough time or motivation to add them, so yeah other than maybe minor fixes I consider this as final.

Thanks nonetheless, hope you still enjoy it :)
Absolutely stunning!
Nice skin
Great! There is another orange/silver skins, would you have the plan to do it?
The Stanley will never replace the Raybrig (I actually don't know how to do chrome effect) XD
Love the Kunimitsu liveries! Thanks for making this!

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