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Real LCD Display Font & LCD Flag Removal New FINAL Version 1.0

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Real LCD Display Font & LCD Flag Removal By MMPAW39.
This modification adds a 'Real' look to the LCD display, removing the old digital font with a new one.
I have also removed the different colour LCD display 'Flags' that light up to the corresponding situation. I found this rather annoying so i removed them!.
To install, just place the frontend folder in your F1 2014 main game directory, it will ask to overright the file, just click yes.

Hope you enjoy!

Latest updates

  1. Real LCD FONT Display (LCD Flags,Wrong Way,Start Lights Removed) FINAL

    Updated to 2 versions, A large & smaller gear font, as mostly now used by the top teams...

Latest reviews

Does this work with f1 2013 modded with skyfall 2016 season?
Looks power, superb look.
All I ask is for you to up load a pic so that everybody can see the design.
I promote your work all the time with my steering wheel designs so I think this could add value.
Excellent stuff
Amazing! Looks so realistic. Love it! :)
Tried both fonts, much prefer the new smaller font. Excellent that the ugly start lights are removed also, Great Mod !! Thank you.
The new display is really good.
Can you make a video or pictures just to see it?
Very nice, thanks!

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