Real skins for Pessio's Heat Mk1

Real skins for Pessio's Heat Mk1 1.0

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Pessio did it again and raised the bar for vintage Assetto Corsa car mods even further with his magnificent Eagle Mk1, possibly the most beautiful car to ever show up for a F1 race.

Only problem... Is that it isn't really an Eagle Mk1, is it? Damn you, copyrights! But hey, it's nothing that can't be solved with a quick logo switcharoo in Photoshop!

More specifically, this package includes texture files with the proper Eagle nose emblem and Gurney/Weslake engine branding, plus reworked skins. Be advised: they will overwrite the ones the car ships with if you don't rename the folders.




To come: more skins from the 1966 and 1967 F1 seasons (with Bondurant's and Scarfiotti's wildcard entries as priorities), accurate helmets for Ginther and McLaren, replica driver suits.

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Exquisite stuff! Thank you for making this mod shine even more!

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